There is a growth, called consciously wearing autumn pants Soul released "90 Health Guide"

There is a growth, called consciously wearing autumn pants Soul released "90 Health Guide"

Recently, cold air is invading the corners of the mainland of the motherland. As the young people in the current era, they have already been fully armed to meet the winter. The Soul, the main, the young generation build a social universe, is gathering this group of attention and discussing young people who keep warm and healthy.

Soul is a domestic popular social application, a unique social culture has become the center of detonating young people. Recently, the "90 Health Guide" released by the Justsosoul Institute shows that this young person is more concerned about the health topic than the imagination, and the young people in the 90s of the year are ignorant. The integrated data shows that after 10 90, more than 9 are odd, and only 4% of the young people are not intensive. This means that young people have been very concerned about health and healthy lifestyle, but the survey also shows that due to various factors, it can be maintained or actually put into action. It is reported that the "90-after Health Guide" is a Related report of the JUSTSOSOUL Institute for questionnaire surveys in Soul, and there are more than 3,000 young people who participate after 90.

JustsoSoul Research Institute is Soulapp to investigate objects in Soul station, with a social new wave brought by Z Genevies, showing true, warm, fun, multi-diverse contemporary young people like illustrations.

Details: Recently, the Justsosoul Institute conducted a questionnaire survey of "90 Health Guidelines" after the group users in Soulapp, and formed a relevant report, and more than 3,000 young people participated. Among them, male users have higher participation, reaching 65%, and women users account for more than 30%. The male and female sex ratio (single choice) age group participating in the "90 Health Guide" questionnaire was concentrated in 1990-2000, accounting for more than 80%. From professional view,% is the office worker,% is a student. Participate in the "90 Health Guidance" questionnaire survey age layer distribution (radio) Men more attention to the purchase of anti-hair loss products, the health concept refers to the health concept of the survey, including emotional health, body management, sleep health, good health, Protect skin, enhance physical performance, etc .; health behavior includes internal service health products, exercise exercise, diet adjustment, work adjustment, taking adjustment, Chinese health, etc.

90-year-old health behavior list (multiple choices) according to this survey, the most receivable health behavior is the same as the job, that is, get better early, not staying up early, do not live, exercise, low-fat low sugar diet, keep Psychological health is also attracting attention to young people.

From the perspective of gender differences, men are more concerned with care products such as anti-hair loss than women, and women pay more attention to regular medical examinations than men. Staying up late at 90, the least healthy behavior is the least healthy behavior in the middle of the 90s, and for the non-healthy behavior survey, there have been more than 70% of 90 young people choose to stay up late, followed by diet Regular, office studies, smoking, drinking, etc. are considered to be very uncomfortable.

Among them, the survey shows that the smaller the age layer, the more serious the situation of staying up late. In 1990-1995, the born in 1995-2000, the proportion of people in the birth of people after 2000 is 75%, 78%, 79%, respectively.

On Soul, I have night, don’t stay up late, don’t stay up late, the TAG topic has exceeded 6000 discussions, and the browsing exceeds 31,000 times. Many Souler punches in this topic, stick to morning, get up early, not staying up late.

Only% of young people don’t have a nursing 90, the attitude and behavior (multiple choices) have been defined for health and non-health, then they have been put into action. Survey shows that only 4% of 90 Young people are not intensive, and more than 90% are in numerous. However, in groups of health care, it has formed health habits or a small number, most young people are in the stage of watching or preparing to begin health behavior.

In 10 young people, there are 8 people who are self-satisfying to pay attention to health from subjective energy. After 90, the reason why young people began to pay attention to health, and they have a big relationship with self-awareness, and the factors affected by the outside world are relatively small. According to the survey, there have been more than 80% of the 90s young people because they feel that the health is declining, and only 14% of the 90s have been in their parents. The elders tall and want to health. After 90, the reason for the health is like, for example, in the past, there is a cold is that my mother thinks you cold. Now, the weather is getting colder, the northern heating is gradually opened, and the autumn in the south is gradually gradually. After 90, young people began to take the initiative The big social platform shared his warm experience. On Soul, young people said that there is a growing, called consciously wearing autumn pants.

Young people love to share the experience of the Social Platform. After 90, young people share health knowledge or experience the channel (multiple choice) 90 young people not only be more and more open and valued, but also to share health experience with others. From the sharing channel, the survey shows that more than 40% of 90 young people are willing to face colleagues, friends, and family share health knowledge experience, 35% of young people will share with WeChat friends, and many young people will Select to share health experience on social platforms such as Soul.

Soul is working hard to build a social universe that is a young man, paying attention to young people’s social dynamics is SOUL’s instinct.

As a popular social application, SOUL hopes to use unique social way to stimulate the social potential of young people, rejuvenate social new vitality, and give them a new spiritual resonance and identity in socializing.

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