Strong party building promoted investment continuously improved the construction level of the distribution of Directors

Strong party building promoted investment continuously improved the construction level of the distribution of Directors

The Party Branch actively responded to the call of winning the universities, specializing in the team of poverty alleviation teams, with a high degree of responsibility, with a high-level responsibility, and put into financial precision poverty alleviation work.

Accumulated investment of 68.5 billion yuan for help work in poverty-stricken areas, supporting the construction of infrastructure construction in Liangshan, Nujiang, Qinghai Tibet, and has achieved remarkable results.

As of the end of last year, Sheng’an Danjiangkou City, Inner Mongolia, Guiba Township, Inner Mongolian Guiba Township, Inner Mongolian Asset Management Co., Ltd., and Yunnan Nujiangzhou Shuangmi Village. In December 2017, the party branch has established the first industrial poverty alleviation fund in the insurance industry – China Shou Danjiangkou Green Poverty Alleviation Industry Fund, with the company’s own funds, through marketization model, efficient operation, successfully investing in China Shou Danquan bottled water , Boew fish head processing, Oslong lubricant, check the right poverty alleviation industry project, signing and landing investment, 48.5 million yuan, forming "hematopoietic poverty alleviation".

In the specific help work, the party branch suddenly emphasized the "true blood generation" "increasing income" "strong public welfare" "copied". In the "true blood", pay attention to the concept of capital, professional knowledge and marketization development, and set up new enterprises, set up new enterprises, and investing in a total of 8 million yuan, initially has sustainable development. Ability; on "income income", the investment project directly brought more than 100 settlement, the poverty, an average of 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan per month, and more than 3,000 poor people have directly increased income due to investment income; On the "strong public welfare", the Poverty Alleviation Fund is agreed, and each of the products will be used to extract a penny for love and poverty alleviation. It has accumulated more than 260,000 yuan, funded the establishment of a poverty-stricken household and poor students about 4,000; On the "copyable", the party branch summarizes the experience, docking the industrial resources, expanding the help range, and successfully copying the Hubei Danjiangkou poverty alleviation to Yunnan Nujiangzhou, the Fouger Wangqi, Inner Mongolia, Fouz, Queen, and the right cities.