Ruisi is a moment in Liaoning: "May 1" how many "hot"?

Ruisi is a moment in Liaoning: "May 1" how many "hot"?

  With the effective management of domestic epidemics, the government departments continue to let go of travel restrictions, and people’s travel enthusiasm is constantly high.

So, how many "hot" is "hot" this year "May 1" holiday? According to relevant data, the "May 1st" small holiday nationwide in the past four years has a year-on-year increasing situation. It is expected that the "May 1" holiday high-speed congestion in 2021 will become the highest in the past years, which is expected to exceed 10% year-on-year. In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the popularity of vehicles, self-driving tour has also become the preferred way of many family travel.

According to relevant traffic big data forecast, this year "May 1" Golden Week, Liaoning Province Dalian Ying Song Chara, Shenyang Chess Mountain International Scenic Tourism Development Zone, Changbai Island Forest Park, Shenyang Forest Zoo and Duck Green River Broad Bridge become a popular self-driving self The tourist area.

  In addition, the arrival of the holiday also has to make many people’s consumption of Shenyang citizens to further look, Shencheng Dining, Leisure, Shopping, Entertainment, Tourism and other businesses are optimistic about the "May 1" consumer market, and make promotional programs in this wave of heat. Reserve sales talents and actively prepare for. Many lines of merchants launched a coupon, group purchase package and other preferential promotions, the preferential strength, giving consumers out of large choice space.

At the same time, some new types of activities such as 100 meters high-altitude sculpture in Shenyang also chose to open the door during the "May 1" period, and the market potential is also considerable.

  Although the holiday small partners can go out, the epidemic prevention and control remains can’t relax. Everyone should continue to persist often ventilate, hardworked, scientifically wear masks, and maintain a good hygiene habit of safe social distance in public places. Regardless of the vaccination, indoor or closed places in the crowd still need to scientifically wear masks and follow the specific requirements of various local prevention and control measures, safe travel.