Shanxi Pingyao: With the development of the media, learn from the party history

Shanxi Pingyao: With the development of the media, learn from the party history

Recently, 2021, the 21st Pingyao International Photography Age show, a group of photographic enthusiasts or stopped watching, or removing records, or remarkably watching, or remake a record in a group of photography works in the C2 exhibition hall. This year, the exhibition launched "also read this DPRK – Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China" (hereinafter referred to as "还 简 今") "Lushan County Archives Collection Photo Archives – Jiji" and other party The theme exhibition, showing the historical imprint of the party’s 100-year-old.

"This group of pictures is carefully selected from the Collection of Collection in the Collection of Collection. We hope that from the theme works, let the audience understand the red genes containing the red genes, and touch the historical context of the Communist Party of China." Curator, Zhang Jianting, Changshan Archives Pavilion, said.

82 precious photos detailed the majority of party members and cadres and the masses of labor, study, work, and life. It is the practice of Lushan party members and cadres to respond to the Party Central Committee "from the masses to the masses".

"Opening Ceremony" (Hou Bo), "Tiegou" (Wei Dezhong) (Wei Dezhong), "Wuhan Face – Aid Hidden" … A photo carries special memories In the "still watching this DPRK"

The revision is history, and it is power.

"It also reads the best" works of the DPRK ", Zhu Xiubi and Li Hong, are the famous photographers and photographers provided by Houbo, Xu Xiao Bing, Lu Houzhen and other famous photographers and photography agencies. The creation time is distributed in a hundred years of history, which records the advanced deeds that the Chinese Communist Party lead the people to break the old world, build a new era, record different stages of China’s face, people and things in different time periods.

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