Tongzhou 119 village water quality will be improved this year

Tongzhou 119 village water quality will be improved this year

Original title: Tongzhou 119 Village Water Quality This year, this year, since the spring and summer of this year, the amount of claims related to Water supply in Xu Xinzhuang area in Tongzhou District has risen, and many residents reflect the lack of water supply.

The water supply is a lot of people’s livelihood, in order to crack water, the multi-sectoral departments in Tongzhou District launched.

  Ms. Wang lives in the Candlelight Community of Songzhuang Town, belongs to the water supply range of Beijing Bingyuan Water Supply Co., Ltd. At the beginning of April this year, the 250-meter water source of 250 meters was damaged, causing insufficient water supply.

To this end, the Tongzhou District Water Affairs Bureau has opened up a green approval channel to start the water source renovation work. At present, the two-eyed water source well has been officially grunged from the water plant. The problem of insufficient water supply in the area is preliminary.

Ms. Wang for a few months in water is finally tone.

  Not only do the people use water, but also use it to safely. Songzhuang Town coordinates many departments to conduct existing water network pipeline maintenance, pipeline flushing, etc. According to reports, Tongzhou District has currently completed water supply project bidding work, 158 villages’ drinking water quality improvement project, construction, replacement water source well and well room transformation, water treatment equipment installation and other work is being implemented, The water quality improvement project of 119 villages can be completed before this year.

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