The Agricultural Sap Group has advanced "doing practical" to help the market in scale

The Agricultural Sap Group has advanced "doing practical" to help the market in scale

The list will make things "see the true chapter", focus on the agricultural main business to actively support farmers, and focus on improving the sense of happiness of employees … Since the study of party history, the Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of China, the party committee, according to Heilongjiang Provincial Party CommitteeAnd the deployment requirements of the Party Committee of the Provincial Site Committee on Party History, adhere to the high-rise plan, high standards, high-quality implementation, solid promotion of party history education, continue to walk deep, highlight "I am for the masses"Do practical practice.

System driver: List "Doctors" list, everything "see the true chapter" lists the list, "see the true chapter".

The Party Committee of the Petros Group has adhere to the party history education as a major political task in 2021. Combining the actual work of the group, widely collecting suggestions, meticulous planning, and overtracting the "I do practical things for the masses", and insist on doing ideas, Energy is put in place, organize the leadership.

The Group’s Party History Learning Education Leading Group has widened advice to all departments, all corporate cadres employees, form a list and implement dynamic management, due to enterprises, due to time, and regularly issued a job preview and prompt to ensure work hook sales , Orderly advancement.

Since May, the Group has vigorously launched the "Walking Process, Mass Research, Doing Treatment" activities, the group leadership team members have deeply entered the "Doctors", the Group’s Party History, Social Education Leading Group, Safe Going to each second or third-level enterprises will supervise the "I am doing practical things for the masses". As of the end of August, the 75 real things identified by the Agricultural Sap Group and the companies and companies have completed 64 pieces, and the completion rate was 85%. The agglomeration group insisted on connecting the party history education and the development of the Group’s development, the depth combination, integrating daily, and arrested. In this way, the principle of "promoting the development of enterprises, the development of employees, the employee," to the service object ", implement the implementation, to ensure that the entrepreneurial office is in the key office of the enterprise, The masses of the people.

Focus on the main business: "Big Data + Financial" Service Platform Support Farmers "originally applied for loans, annual running banks, encountered ‘card shell’ is a frequent event, now use mobile phones to run loans, but also use mobile phone to purchase managed services I will be as convenient to buy online! "Spring Pill Festival, Lanxi County, Suihua City, the" order "of Lanxi County, the purchase of cultivated land, because Sun Tao’s hosted information has been synchronized in the background, Sun Tao quickly loans 6200 The yuan pays the hosted commission.

Let the data run more, farmers can run less legs. Sun Tao can manage the order, online loans, online payment, so simple and convenient process benefits from the province of the province of the province of the province of the Agricultural Rural Department of Heilongjiang Province, the provincial farm group, CCB Heilongjiang Province Branch Digital Agricultural Comprehensive Service System Through the "big data + finance" service platform, solve the problem of financing, financing expensive.

Financing is difficult, the financing is expensive, and the financing has always been the core issue of "three rural" work. It is the annoyance of the majority of farmers.

Since the study of party history, the agglomeration group has seized this issue, remembering the "Let Longjiang Farmers", the company’s mission, the agricultural capital big data company forms a pro-officer, special promotion, special promotion, increase farm Investing "big data + finance" support, providing credit data support for banks, banks use unsecured ways to lend, helping farmers loans more than 300 billion yuan, radiation driving more than 400,000 farmers, realizing farmers loans " Don’t ask for people "" Loan to run the fingertips ". In order to solve the problem of farmers sell food, slowness, the agglomeration group also jointly built the food storage management platform, docked the food storage company management system, support the bank to settle, and provide "food bank" financing services to the transaction. " The problem of funds, purchase, storage, plus, sales, etc., improve food circulation efficiency, reduce circulation costs, and focus on alleviating practical problems of farmers.

Warm and intimate: Solve the employee "riot"

Employees are also getting more, more direct, and more happiness and feelings from a small matter, more direct and realistic happiness and feelings.

Discount, food distribution, health medicine cabinet, home delivery clothes dry cleaning … This is a series of services provided by the Farm Group in China this year.

The Petros Group Headquarters also purchased Ankang Insurance and Accident Medical Insurance to rescue the home-bearing home, configure the filtering machine for filtering, and sent care for the employee family with candidates.

A small change around you, let the employees look in their eyes, warm in their hearts.

Caring for youth, starting from "Heart". On May 28, the Petros Group and the Beida Wilderness Group were awarded the Youth Friendship Association to help Single Youth Looking for "Heart."

"Tanabata", I also actively participate in the relevant networking activities of the Group Committee, from the departure of youth growth and life, helping youths build an equal, friendly, sincere platform. By strengthening contact with relevant enterprise institutions, the series of young networking activities will encourage young employees to conclude friendship while broadening communication and friends circle, harvesting love. "The company has a canteen. We have a little worries every day, and the enthusiasm of work is also growing.

Zhang Qiuping, a staff member of the China Agrove Group Qingdao Company, said that since the investment in Canaveset in March this year, the Agrota Qingdao Company has continuously upgraded from environmental health, hardware facilities, safety protection, cultural and atmosphere, and logistics management, and effectively meets employee needs. The Group’s entity companies have solidly promoted "doing practical", and the Dragon Food Group, the Reserve Food, Far East International and other enterprises to build a new employee cafeteria, solve employee dietary problems.

Capital Production Co., Ltd. purchased and issued a physical examination card for employees. During overtime, "add menu", warm stomach and warm heart.

Next, the agglomeration group will continue to find a gap between the lack of the table, implement the implementation of the party history and education, and then re-advancement, continue to carry out the leading cadres and research, "going flow", in-depth Check out outstanding problems, and focus on resolving the impact and restricting the development of the company’s development stability.

Combining the "I have implemented" I do practical things for the masses "and implement the" 14th Five-Year "opening of the key tasks, combined with the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, combined with the prevention and control of the overall epidemic, grasp the law, seize the opportunity , The situation is, in depth, in depth, we will promote the high – quality development of the agricultural investment group.

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