The national newspaper industry promotes the leading lead of the poverty reduction and the ecological civilization construction and 100 presidential editor-in-law entered Guizhou Tongren joint intervi

The national newspaper industry promotes the leading lead of the poverty reduction and the ecological civilization construction and 100 presidential editor-in-law entered Guizhou Tongren joint interview

  On December 11th, the national newspaper industry promoted the poverty reduction and the ecological civilization construction and 100 presidential editor-in from Guizhou Tongren joint interviews in Tongren held.

  Zhang Jianxing, Chairman of the China Newspaper Association, Chen Changxu, the Municipal Party Committee, attended and speaking, Liu Qingying, president of Guizhou News Association, gave a speech, People’s Daily National Human Historical Mission President Liu Wenping, the President of China Tourism News, Xu Xing, Economic Daily Wang Yuanzhang, President of Zhejiang Newspaper Association, Huang Baiqing, Guizhou Daily, Party Secretary, Vice Chairman, General Manager Li Zhu, and Li Zai, deputy chairman, general manager of the Contemporary Media Group.

Minister of the Municipal Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department, Minister of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the launching ceremony. Zhang Jianxing said that since the 18th National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has built a well-off society in an all-round way, and strives to achieve the projections of the poverty, and put forward a series of new ideas, new ideas, new ideas, and new arguments. Deeping the poverty points indicated the direction and provided fundamental follows. Deversion of poverty has become the ideological consensus and action consciousness, accurate poverty alleviation, precision and poverty alleviation, and depletion of poverty points.

It is a systematic engineering that needs to mobilize the resources of all parties. The news media is an indispensable force. We must go deep into the requirements of "four power" requirements, with deep feelings, ideal beliefs, grasp the correct orientation, do deeply report, innovate and disseminate, multi-angle, multi-form, full media, and in-depth publicity of central decision-making deployment and work Requirements, in-depth reports of national poverty alleviation, reflect the new exploration, new progress, new achievements, and truly put all the countries all over the country, the stability of all parts of the country, and have a good propaganda. . Through the Tongren field inspection, Tongren City has fully experienced Tongren experience, Tongren path, and hopes that the media reporter will explore more "Tongren Story" in recent years. The experience practices of Tongren Defell and Ecological Civilization are spread more and more. Liu Qingying said that Guizhou is the main battlefield of the country’s leading down to the country, and Tongren is one of the provinces and the province.

Since the Party’s 18th National Congress, the Tongren Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have always been firmly liable to the shoulders, and the task of leaving the poverty attack is firmly grasped in his hand. Protecting the "Jinshan Yinshan", poverty, and the poverty reduction, created the "Tongren Period" "Tongren Experience" in the poverty reduction, and has emerged. I hope that all media friends can stetrically, diverse Tongren, and further help Tongren form a big poverty alleviation, big ecological powerful gas field, and put Tongren offensive the wonderful story, put Tongren to practice the vivid practice of "two mountain theory", further publicize Ok, show good. Chen Changxu welcomed all the guests and media reporters. He said that in recent years, we have insisted that the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping is, according to the development of Tongren’s development of Tongren in accordance with the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government, and make a good job of water articles, and make a good ecological card. Struggling to create a green development first demonstration area, fully build green development highlands, landlocked, cultural tourism resorts, live in the "one district" struggle for the "one district" struggle for the Zhengjing Zhengjing.

In terms of leaving the poverty, we have requested the "three-step work" and adhere to the "Seven Extreme" Work Requirements and "Sanzhen Three Dimensions" In principle, use the living method of "76554" working methods, fully hit "four hard sings", and carry out "five special governance", and comprehensively promote the rural industry revolution, and deplete the resurrection.

In terms of ecological civilization, we adhere to the ecological priority, green development, and vigorously build a green barrier, develop the green economy, create a green home, improve the green system, cultivate green culture, and fully promote economic green, high quality development. I look forward to the media friends often come to Tongren, record Tongren, promote Tongren, and promote Tongren, and inject more positive energy for Tongren offensive and economic and social high quality development. The meeting read the Decision of the China Newspaper Association "on the promotion of the awards for the collection of outstanding news of the poverty reduction activities in the country."

Finally, Zhang Jianxing, Chen Changxu, Liu Qingying, Xu Xing, Li Zhu jointly pressed the big screen, and the logo activity was officially launched.

After the launching ceremony, the participants founded the "micro-labor factories", convenient service center, township hall of Wanshan District, and visited the people in cross-regional. During the event, the main point of view has also been held, and the media is deeply entered into the city of Wanjia Garden, the new era of patriotic education base, Tongren Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangkou Group, etc. The relevant responsible comrades of the provincial (district, municipal) newspaper association, the responsible comrades of some parties in the country, and the reporter participated in the launching ceremony.