Shenzhen this year will increase 30 housing service institutions this year

Shenzhen this year will increase 30 housing service institutions this year

Original title: The city will add 30 homologies this year. "0-3 years old baby is the most soft group, should be scientific care of society and family.

With the implementation of the three-child policy, the Puxian housing services of 0-3 years old infants have become a hot spot for the public. In July, Shenzhen released the "new action program on promoting consumption expansion and creation of consumption (2021" – 2023) "Propose to develop the homological service system to increase the support of the social power of three years old for 3 years old. Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government focuses on hot demand, accelerate the layout of Pu Wei Housing service track Forming the model and characteristics of "State-owned Enterprises leading, Take the young, the people’s help, the combination of health education".

There are about 423 institutions that provide housing services in the city, and the street coverage of housing institutions is reached. This year, there will be 30 streets to add 1 Pu Hui hillion service.

  The amount of demand is large, and 35% of the family has entered the will. Shenzhen is a young city, attracting young people from five lakes, struggling to their dreams in this hot soil. How to find more assured housing institutions in front of the parents, and make the two heads of careers and families.

  Hu Yueming, General Manager of Shahe Company, Shenzhen, believes that there is currently the problem of supplying and demand in harbor market, providing high-quality homological institutions, the public’s understanding of scientific parenting, and the trust of housing agencies remain to be improved. Housing education has not yet been fully satisfied.

  In 2020, the investigation data shows that 35% of the city’s 0-3 years old infants have enrolled will, including 80% of their families in 2-3 years old. Statistics show that there are currently about 600,000 infants under Shenzhen 3,066, in the way of look at home care.

According to the statistics of the Municipal Health, the city’s existing institutions provide housing services, with approximately 10,000 retros, the market demand is large.

  Initial support, tax cuts, subsidies, have a constant call for institutions, must have.

"Hillow market is a new business, facing the lack of site resources, high rent costs, lack of harvesting talents, etc.

Cultivating the housing market, the participation of many people such as government, enterprises and society, together to form a joint force, and put the people’s livelihood.

"Song Xiaolhang, the Family Development of the Municipal Health Jian Jiao Hubei and the Department of Health, said that Shenzhen’s multiple government departments have introduced relevant support policies to encourage social strength to participate in the construction of the Popular housing system to meet the multiculturalism of the masses. Service requirements. Since 2019, the Municipal Defense Committee has led to the introduction of a series of policy documents that promote the development of infants and young children under 3 years old.

"The municipal government has introduced the implementation plan for infant care service under the age of 3 (2020-2025), the Municipal Health Jianjian Committee of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission launched the government support policy list, implementing tax concessions and cost reduction policies for community housing services, and promoting All support policies land.

For example, planning landings should be incorporated into urban planning, and the education sector encourages support for customized kindergartens to open TOU, state-owned enterprises and medical institutions to participate in the establishment of housing institutions.

"Song Xiaohong introduced that in terms of tax concessions, it is used to provide real estate, land, exemption from property tax, urban land use tax, and provide community housing services, and exempt value-added tax according to the regulations. Housing with water, electricity, and gas prices.

  Shenzhen rigped into the cultivation of housing markets, took out tax cuts, subsidies, etc., and engunably the operation of housing institutions.

  The warm air blows, social capital into the housing market, reporters found in the interview that the public is most concerned about whether the housing facilities are safe, and the child’s health is guaranteed and the fees.

"These issues concerned, Shenzhen has policies to standardize housing institutions, such as our agencies participate in the guidance program of Shenzhen Housing Authority, which is led by the Municipal Guardian Committee, standardizing the housing facility, leading the industry The overall quality is improved, and the public can assure the infants to entrust us to us.

"Hu Yueming said. Spring river plumbing ducklement. With the warming of tax cuts, the warm air of the policy, the social capital has entered the homology market. Hu Yueming introduced that the Shenzhen Industry Group as a state-owned enterprise, in the Municipal Co-CS, Under the guidance and support of the Municipal Health Jianjian, I started researching the layout of the market in 2019.

At the end of last year, the two Phuhui intersection created by the deep industry group – deeply happy home u central hillion garden, deeply happy family Lu Yueyuan hillion garden, to this year, there will be 5 The home submitutes meet with the public, including the deep-economic international innovation of the international developed countries and the city standards will be tried in September. By 2022, Shenzhen will realize a housing institution for each street. By 2025, the full coverage of infant housing service agency community. Cultivate, standardize the hustle market, and the needs of ordinary people can gradually be released. Song Xiaohong said, "In the future, I hope that the public will mention the housing institution, will emerge in a sunny outdoor event site, the child smiles, the teacher is kind and kind,". " (Reporter Luo Liqiong Intern Yuan Xiaoyai) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.