The drama "Li Bai" performance is 237th, and the Co.

The drama "Li Bai" performance is 237th, and the Co.

In the survey, please wait. If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page on December 10, Beijing’s human chart "Li Bai" staged the last performance of this round, and also ushered in the 30th birthday.

From December 10, 1991, the present, a total of 237 performances, starring Yugu, Gong Lijun, from the age of 23 or oriented, this play is not only a classic of human art, but also become them Important part of life.

  At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, more than two hours from the performance, the background of the Capital Theater is as follows as usual. On the small table in the background corridor, the human art "Shenshui" honeysuckle tea has already brewed, the coffee machine started, floating the rich coffee, a fan specially printed on the "Li Bai" thirty-year-old cake The chart photo took a photo, the sunflowers sent by the fans shine with golden light … Director Tang Wei, starring Gong Lijun, Wang Gang is participating in Beijing’s human art youth anger assessment review, come early. Yugui is five o’clock to the theater, and several reporters are waiting for an interview. "Don’t let me call any slogan, talk about art or ok." Yu Cun said that he is not afraid of interviews, not afraid to say the show, I am afraid that those sets, big words. "Li Bai" is undoubtedly an extremely important drama, and it is also an incompetent drama. "It is often a new year after a year, or is often new. It is ready to go to the stage to create, forget all things in life.

"Some people say that he is now" Li Bai "is the state of" soft boat has passed ".

He said that when you are young, you always make your strength, now the performance is not sweating, come.

"I can go deep into the spiritual realm of Li Bai, because there have been similar pains, sitting on the hill while doing clear youth, grazing on the Maiqi, can not say a word a day, how many days don’t talk, I have passed I have passed, so Li Bai’s life in the Yangtze River. I can experience.

I am shaping Li Bai, Li Bai is also shaping me.

"On the side of Tang Wei said:" Xupi, you are sitting there, you are like Li Bai.

"Tang Wei said that Yu Cun is more than 30 years old, and it is necessary to try to find a sixty-year-old feeling. At that time, even the group leader did not take, Li Bai thought that the mood of the Shi is very difficult to understand, now he is Dean, but also the chairman of the Chinese Drama Association, and experienced the smooth and unusual moment. The kind of mental process will be transplanted to Li Bai, and there will be new interpretations on the role. Today’s sixty-year-old Qu Chen is more than the drama. The age is big, the mood is close, but the hands and feet are not as flexible when you are young. On the sofa armrests between him, there is a bandage of the volume. When the "Thunderstorm", the feet of Yu Cun were in the feet, always Not good, playing "Li Bai" to give an ankle to your ankle. The full drama, when the moon rises, Li Bai has a high leg, slowly stepping into the action in the moon shadow, now changed to one turn Stepping in.

Tang Wei said that there is a performance of the show to ask her the moon to become bigger.

"Where is the poem?" To the mountain, quarry, Qinglian, broken leaves, what to get off the boots, just, I am afraid that it is a bad thing … "The curtain has not been opened, and the opening poetry of Suimin’s director recited, The child took the audience into the world of Li Bai.

The first performance of this round, everyone said he overexpressed.

"I have been catching Li Bai’s true, that is really true, but that is not every day, I heard my father’s, I entered the state.

"Father’s recital is like a key, which leads to him into the world of Li Bai, and as a ruler, it is aesthetic for his performance." The voice is a aesthetic standard, so you can’t slack off.

"I have collaborate Gong Lijun for 30 years in this drama and Yu Cun, and it is also the most tacit partner of Yugu." When we are discivalent, don’t say it, it is particularly specific, he changed on the stage, I Feedback will be given immediately.

"When there is no one’s own play, Gong Lijun stood on the" Master "on the desk," he did a move, my heart got up. "Because the foot hurts, Li Bai originally has a moving movement of the back, and the light is dark, and the tips who are in the same place can only be half. But Gong Lijun thinks this does not affect this. The color of this drama, "Li Bai’s feelings have been integrated into his blood. He is now playing, it is very content, and it is more profound. "When the last curtain call, Yu Cun hit a white robe. He bought the audience three times, and the audience was rang in the audience. Yuguxu specially invited the director to go to the audience to meet the audience, in the face of warm applause, Tang Wei proposal Dedicated applause to the drama of the drama Guo Qihong, director Su Shi, as well as many Beijing people, old age artists, "is what they create" Li Bai ".

"Yu Cun said:" We played less than 30 years ago. It is the audience to pay for us to pay for us. 237 games are spending with us to support us. I hope that the audience will continue to support us in the future.

"As for the" Li Bai "that everyone cares about, he will not play again. He said that there is no performance plan next year, and then let go later.

Reporter Niu Chunmei.