The state will build a Chinese medicine disease prevention base

The state will build a Chinese medicine disease prevention base

  On March 29, the National New Office held a press conference. The National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration introduced the "14th Five-Year Plan" and promoted the revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine.

Director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine said during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be based on the service of people’s health, inheriting the essence, and homing innovation as the main line, to deepen reform, improve the system, and insist on playing The advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and multi-product value, adhere to the core value of traditional Chinese medicine medical services, to build a socialist modern country in an all-round manner.

  According to reports, the construction of traditional Chinese medicine during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period must first focus on the construction of focus of focusing, and play a good advantage and role in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Improve the integration mechanism of Chinese and Western medicine, strengthen the national Chinese medicine emergency medical team and base construction, deepen the research of traditional Chinese medicine diseases, effective experience summary and clinical data mining, scientifically summarize the effect of Chinese medicine prevention and treatment.

Second, focusing on special talents training, strengthen the construction of talents; focus on the improvement and expansion of medical resources, and promote the construction of high-quality efficient service system.

  In terms of high quality development, civilization said that it is necessary to promote inheritance innovation and the quality of traditional Chinese medicine. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of Chinese medicine technology innovation system, promote the construction of traditional Chinese herbal medicine production bases, and the construction of traditional Chinese medicine quality traceability system, and implement Chinese medicine registration management reform measures. Improve Chinese Medicine Research Method, Evaluation System, and Improve Clinical Evaluation Technology, Methods.

  During the "14th Five" period, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine will pay more attention to problem-oriented, goal orientation, and results or guide, further play the overall medical and health medicine advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, and focus on promoting the establishment of anti-prevention and health care, disease treatment and rehabilitation. Chinese medicine service system, improve service ability. "Jiang Jian, Director of the Philology Department of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine, said. Improve the ability of traditional Chinese medicine, first to highlight the advantages of the characteristics, and create a new highland of traditional Chinese medicine services. Jiang Jian said that it will implement the construction plan of high quality and efficient medical and health service system, launch the construction of the National Chinese Medical Center and Regional Medical Center, promote the expansion and equalization layout of the provincial and municipal high-quality Chinese medicine resources.

Create a Chinese medicine hospital that is famous, famous, famous doctor, famous medicine, and a distinctive features, and a batch of traditional Chinese medicine advantages, providing high-quality and efficient Chinese medicine services.

  At the same time as the construction base team, the emergency response capabilities of Chinese medicine hospitals also need to be further improved. Jiang Jian introduced that the next step will rely on high-level Chinese medicine hospitals, build a national Chinese medicine disease prevention base and an emergency medical rescue base. Strengthening the Construction of Infectious Diseases, Emergency, Emergency Department, Pulmonary Diseases, and Here Medical Sciences.

Create Chinese medicine disease prevention and emergency medical rescue teams to improve the emergency and treatment capacity of Chinese medicine hospitals.

  Building a Chinese medicine service network, you need to strengthen the construction of Chinese Medicine. It is reported that the Chinese Medicine Administration plans to achieve all community health service centers and township hospitals to set up Chinese medicine halls, improve the availability and quality of grassroots Chinese medicine services.

  Chinese medicine innovation medical model, inseparable from the development of Chinese and Western medicine.

Jiang Jian, currently in the comprehensive hospital, infectious hospitals, specialist hospitals, etc., has gradually promoted the combined medical model of Chinese and Western medicine. "On the one hand, strengthen the Chinese medicine practitioners in the clinical department, build a Chinese and Western medicine combined team, establish Chinese and Western Medicine, multi-study diagnosis and treatment system, carry out Chinese and Western medicine joint diagnosis; on the other hand, encourage Chinese and Western medicine to improve the clinical treatment." Traditional Chinese medicine has carried forward, both need to inherit its essence, but also need to innovate.

Li Wei, Director of the Science and Technology Division of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration will further promote the construction of Chinese medicine technology innovation system.

  First, strengthen the combing and excavation of Chinese medicine classical medicine essence, hold the root pulse of Chinese medicine inheritance. Li Wei introduced that the implementation of the "China Medical Tibet" editorial publishing project should be accelerated, and the investigation, protection and research work of Chinese medicine ancient books should be promoted.

Do a good job in living inheritance, formulate the management of Chinese medicine academic inheritance projects and inheritors, and strengthen the inheritance of academic experience in the name of the old Chinese medicine. In addition, we must strengthen the construction of Chinese medicine technology innovation platforms.

A number of national key laboratories should be built in key areas such as Chinese medicine theory, traditional Chinese medicine resources, modern Chinese medicine creation, and the evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine. Focusing on major chronic diseases and characteristic therapy, 10 to 20 National Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Center and its coordinated innovation network, construction of 30 Chinese medicine inheritance innovation centers. Science and technology innovation is unknown. In the strengthening of the construction of the Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Talents and the Construction of Innovation Teams, Li Wei said that it will organize a group of national Chinese medicine multi-discipline cross-innovation teams and national Chinese medicine inheritance and innovation teams, and cultivate a group of multi-disciplinary cross-innovative quality and ability. Young talents talents. Cultivate and collect a group of cross-professional, interdisciplinary, cross-areas, active leaders, discipline leaders and innovative teams, improve talents incentives and evaluation mechanisms.