Taiwan Media: Epidemic let the mainland GDP beyond US time to 2025

Taiwan Media: Epidemic let the mainland GDP beyond US time to 2025

  Huaxia Jingwei Net on December 13th: According to Taiwan Zhongtime News Network, 2022 Global Times Annual Meeting was held in Beijing on the 11th.

In the discussion of the "China Economy: 2022, Creative Surprises", mainland scholars put forward "The epidemic makes the Chinese economy beyond the time point of the United States." The report has been reported that the view of Cao Heping, the professor of the Beijing University School of Economics, believes that this year’s China-US economy is gap, China’s GDP growth is%, the fourth quarter economic growth assumption is 5%, this year GDP growth should be% around this year. The United States has grown% in the first quarter, the second quarter is%, the third quarter is 2%, the fourth quarter is assumed to be 6%, and the US economic growth should be around 3% this year.

Such a Chinese economy this year should be amended, according to the current exchange rate, US economic growth should be $ 800 billion, China and the US economic absolute gap are reduced by $ 700 billion.

  Cao Heping said this, the total economic amount of the two countries added a difference in the US dollar. If it is 20 billion speeds per year, 5 years is a 4 trillion, considering the exchange rate slightly fluctuated 1-2 percentage points.

In other words, after the epidemic appears, according to the current growth rate, "China is 2025-2027, the total economic amount may be almost like the United States, this time point is coming."

  Talking about the voice of China’s birth rate, Cao Heping said that China’s absolute population is decreasing, more children’s diapers, more baby’s milk powder, is economic growth, but in 1980, China hopes to reduce population At that time, I especially envious of Western countries, because less than Chinese people, life is so good. Now there is a expectation in the society, that is, "the population is reduced, the bad thing is coming", this inference is probably nothing.

From the US economy and the China economy next year and the growth trend of the next five years, "My Inference is very optimistic." Cao Heping also mentioned that China’s current service industry has increased to 54%, 10 years ago, 44%, and US service industry is 82%, the UK is 92%, the economy is developing, the traditional department absorbs The less labor, the lower the salary, the consequence is the growth of the gap, and the rich and the poor have become a more prominent problem than growth rates or other problems.

Therefore, the conclusion is that this growth is now the advantages of technology, the disadvantages are the original management. The original growth mode, the original theoretical judgment, no matter what, we need to change a head.

(End) Editor: Li Xin.