The Zhenru Town Street Chen Ying is selected into the national moral model to recommend the list of candidates.

The Zhenru Town Street Chen Ying is selected into the national moral model to recommend the list of candidates.

Chen Yingying and her husband Zhang Yunqing acquired that when Chongming jackets settled, two young hearts gradually came. That year, Chen Ying was found to have thyroid cancer. She did not dare to inform the old mother.

In the face of surgery, "Family signing confirmation" column, Zhang Yunqing, who is still not husband, decided to stand up, "I will sign! I will accompany you!" Zhang Yunqing assumes the responsibility of the family, and signed the family to inform, let Chen Yingying Surgery was successfully carried out. Surgery is very successful, but the doctor predicts that Chen Ying may only have three years of life. In the face of huge blow, Chen Yuying even thought about giving up life.

Because I am afraid to drag others, she repeatedly refused Zhang Yunqing’s concern.

Zhang Yunqing, said that he is not willing to leave Chen Yingying. "Believe me, you will be able to get better." Under his careful care, Chen Yuying miraculously lived another 3 years.

"Every three or five years, he is going to die." There is not long after marriage, and a acute hepatitis A broke out of Shanghai, Zhang Yunqing unfortunately, life is hitting. After treatment, Zhang Yunqing finally was rescued, but the body was therefore damaged. Since then, due to various reasons, the children of the two have not been able to born. A few years later, Zhang Yunqing suddenly spailed blood. The doctor immediately opened the medical notice. In order to rescue her husband’s life, Chen Ayi did not count the cost, purchased 20,000 yuan of imported drugs, at the time, this price can be bought a house.

Since then, Zhang Yunqing cerebral infarction, the stroke is repeatedly episodes, basically every three or five years of disease.

House leaks, in 2006, Zhang Yunqing suffered from uremia, every week, I went to the hospital twice … "I have a medical treatment", the word is used in Chen Ayi, it is the most afflicted, each time It is the first time to find that Mr. is not a wonderful, timely send him to the hospital, and grab the old gentleman from the death of the dead.

In order to treat her husband, Chen Ying didn’t bought a new dress for myself for more than 30 years, but giving her husband to spend the disease, but even the eyebrows will not be wrinkled.

"I have an emotion and responsibility to him. I will never leave him." If the same is deep, I will change to him today. With community public welfare to continue in 2019, accompanied 30 years of husband to die.

Sad Chen Ayi, I can’t walk for a long time, watching the photo of her husband all day, very small, people have lost a large circle.

After learning, the neighborhood committee and the neighbors are very concerned, often attending the door to comfort Chen Aunt, gradually, Chen Ayi is better.