Ruisi, Zhejiang: What highlights this year "May 1" travel? Big data tells you

Ruisi, Zhejiang: What highlights this year "May 1" travel? Big data tells you

  With the arrival of "May 1" holidays, the topic of "May 1st" in Zhejiang, recently, has always been high.

According to Xinhua Ruisi system analysis, the network reports in various trustworthy changes over time, May 6th, on May 6, the peak period of information release, the amount of information is 7789. From the perspective of the emotional distribution of netizens, emotional "hi" is the largest, followed by emotional "silence", "music", accounting for%,%,%, refers to hot words with high frequency,: consumption, Become, tourists, travel, and slow. I have just been a wave of tourism boom, and "May 1 Golden Week" is followed. According to the Zhejiang Cultural and Tourism Statistics Center, "May 1st" holiday, the province, the province, a total of 10,000 visitors, and the day increased by year-on-year, which increased in the same period in 2019. What is worth paying is that compared with previous years, the May Day holiday this year presents some highlights from previous years.

  This year is the founding of the party, and the education of party history is in full swing, and the red tourism glows.

In the May Day holiday, party members from all over the country, the masses have come to the Broken South Lake Scenic Area, and the Nanhu Tourist Area enters the top five in the province’s hot scenic spot. In the King Village of Suichang Red Ancient Town, tourists changed to the red military service, listened to the Red Army story, walked the Red Military Road, eating the Red Military Rice, in the scenario reproduce the spirit of the southwestern revolution; Jinhua City launched the "Truth’s taste very sweet" theme The 100th anniversary of red research tour series is also popular with tourists. Country tour, self-driving travel is still the main way of travel choices. Traffic big data shows that West Lake, Putuo Mountain has become the "May 1" Top Ten Automatic Top Scenic Spots. According to the monitoring of the national rural tourism monitoring center, the total number of tourists in rural tourism reception in the province is 21.65 million, and the total income billion of rural tourism operations, accounting for% and% in the country.

  In addition, the cultural boring boost market, the various new states have ended, and many new Jin "net red" attractions have also let the inside and outside the tourists compete for card.

Xixi Wetland "Today, China", Jianhu Tourism Resort "Lu Town Social Opera" and other tourism performances show a field of Jiangnan Aesthetics to the audience.

Jiande Shouchang Town excavated the ancient town memoirs, launched the nostalgic tape wall, Shouchang Folk Museum, and the interactive performance of the Shouchang Folk Museum, the people ‘s stage became the "cultural night" of tourists and local people.

"Farmhouse" "Yangjiale" is no longer fresh, and the "Qiao Jiale" is undoubtedly a fresh blood of the people. "Overseas" is investing in the overseas Chinese or overseas Chinese and participated in the operation, providing a fresh experience for tourists. Some netizens have commented that living in the mountains of "Overseas", felt the "sea breeze in Ya Pingning peninsula".

  During the "May 1" holiday, the Zhejiang tourism market overall prosperity and orderly operations.

The phenomenon of mass aggregation and gathering of tourists in the province has not received emergency reports and major tourism service quality complaints, no safety liability accidents and population events. People travel safely, inseparable from the many efforts of the relevant departments in Zhejiang.

  The travel scene of "May 1" reflects the vitality of the current tourism market, showing strong development potential.

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