"Chen Jintong Lingnan Opera Painting Boutique Exhibition" exhibited in Guangzhou

"Chen Jintong Lingnan Opera Painting Boutique Exhibition" exhibited in Guangzhou

Ocean News On the morning of May 22, it was jointly organized by Guangzhou Tianhe District Culture, Radio, Television Tourism and Sports Bureau, the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area Artists Alliance, and Guangdong Academy of Science and Technology Vocational College of Science and Technology. The exhibition hall of Tianhe District Cultural Museum was grandly displayed.

The exhibition is guided by the Guangdong Tide Opera Development and Reform Foundation, co -organized by the Red Line Women’s Art Center, and the Tianhe District Cultural Museum. The cultural heritage display series of activities are exhibited for citizens. The masterpiece of the Cantonese opera master’s Red Line Girl "Zhao Jun" and the "Window Sweeping Club" of Yao Xuanqiu, a famous drama master Yao Xuanqiu, were displayed at the painting exhibition, which attracted the audience to stop and appreciate.

It is reported that Chen Jintong is an associate professor of fine arts in the Guangdong Academy of Science and Technology. He loves Lingnan culture and promotes the spread and promotion of Lingnan opera art in the form of painting. Since 2015, Chen Jin has created Lingnan opera characters for seven years of extra -curricular time. Draw 250, including 55 oil paintings, 195 ink and ink works, depicting well -known screenwriters, composers, drama musicians, performing artists such as tide drama, Cantonese opera, and some wonderful repertoire scenes in real language.

From October 6th to October 10th, 2020, hosted by the Guangdong Chao Opera Development and Reform Foundation, co -organized by Guangdong Chaoli Theater, and hosted by Shenzhen Chaoren Cultural and Creative Investment Co., Ltd. It was held in Shantou, which caused a sensation. In Guangzhou, on the basis of the original trendy drama figure paintings, Chen Jintong added some of the Cantonese opera masters such as red line girls, Ding Fan, Ou Kaiming, Zeng Xiaomin and other Cantonese opera old Chinese masters as materials as materials. The work has strongly promoted the exchanges between the two major dramas of the tide drama and the Cantonese opera in Guangzhou.

Chen Jintong is familiar with the creative skills of oil painting and ink painting. When creating these opera figure paintings, he uses traditional Chinese ink painting and Western oil painting. Through the combination of Chinese and Western, the interactive use of the two art forms, Chen Jin’s own creation is universal, and the connection between the two is established.

As a high school student graduated from the Department of Oil Painting Department of Guangdong Academy of Fine Arts, Chen Jintong has a solid foundation for oil painting. He incorporates the knowledge proportional knowledge of the Western painting human structure and the perspective technique into ink, so that the works of Lingnan opera characters created by ink lines can carry more content. During the creative process, Chen Jincatong continued to innovate his ideas in the theme of opera, rooted the people, tap tradition, joined the aesthetics of the times, and used realistic expression to spread the classic image in traditional opera art, and carried out two large -span art forms in the art form. The integration and penetration improved the breadth and influence of the traditional culture of Lingnan. It is understood that the exhibition will be exhibited at the Tianhe District Cultural Museum from May 22nd to June 8th, and will be exhibited in Zhuhai since then.

Wen, Tu/Guangzhou Daily · Xinhua City Reporter: Chen Zhijia Correspondent: Kong Jianhua.