69,000 students in Hefei will enter the college entrance examination test room Zhongan Online Hefei Channel Hefei News Hefei News Hefei Information

69,000 students in Hefei will enter the college entrance examination test room Zhongan Online Hefei Channel Hefei News Hefei News Hefei Information

Abstract on June 7, more than 10,000 students in Hefei will enter the college entrance examination room.

On May 31, the Hefei Education Bureau issued the "Candidate for Candidates and Parents to the College Entrance Examination", reminding the college entrance examination "Be sure to participate in nucleic acid testing from 9: 00-16: 00 on June 5th.

[College entrance examination epidemic prevention] College entrance examination students must participate in the test of nucleic acid testing on June 5th from 9: 00-16: 00 "There is no shortcut to success in success, and there are thousands of ways to follow.

The college entrance examination is just a door to the future. It is not the only way to get in success. Candidates and parents must look at the college entrance examination with a peaceful attitude. "The Municipal Education Bureau reminded parents of college candidates to pay attention to regulating the children’s review and rest time, so that candidates should do some outdoor activities properly; educate their children to stabilize their emotions and calmly meet the exams; actively guide the children to put down their burdens and play lightly." Ankang If the code and itinerary information are abnormal, report the school where the registration point is located immediately and transfer in time.

"In terms of epidemic prevention in the college entrance examination, candidates must participate in nucleic acid testing from 9:00-16: 00 on June 5th.

After the collection is completed, candidates who have no abnormality through big data comparisons will have no abnormality. During the college entrance examination, you only need to show your ID card, admission ticket, etc. to directly enter the test site to take the exam. Candidates do not need to print paper nucleic acid test reports.

  Parents need to send (pick up) to pick up (pick -up) to avoid causing gathering and traffic congestion around the test sites to reduce the risk of epidemic.

  When you go to the test and in and out of the test site, the candidates are requested to wear a mask consciously and keep the distance from more than 1 meter with others. In the exam, it is recommended to wear a mask throughout the process. [Exam Time] Language, mathematics, and comprehensive three subjects are prohibited from entering the "Rules for the Examination Room" 15 minutes after the test.

Candidates are prohibited from entering 15 minutes after the opening of the three subjects of Chinese, mathematics, and comprehensive. Depending on the weather, the test room may turn on the air conditioner. Please also take corresponding measures.

  Before the exam, you should prepare the admission ticket, ID card, health commitment, 2B pencil, millimeter black ink signs, straight ruler, round regulations, triangular boards, no sealing rubber and other test supplies. Candidates fill in the candidate’s personal information and examination content within the prescribed location and time.

  Candidates enter the test sites and test rooms to comply with relevant regulations and obey the arrangements of staff and monitoring teachers.

Candidates are strictly forbidden to bring items other than the regulations of mobile phones, watches, electronic equipment and other regulations to enter the examination room. When the candidate enters the venue, the monitoring teacher uses a metal detector to detect each candidate. Candidates who make a sound shall receive further inspection by the proctor teacher, and the candidates should actively cooperate with the work of the supervisory teacher. After re -examination, it is determined that there are no banned items before entering the examination room.