Guiyang Intermediate People’s Court signed cooperation with Guizhou National University

Guiyang Intermediate People’s Court signed cooperation with Guizhou National University

Guiyang Intermediate People’s Court and Guizhou University for Nationalities signed a contract to jointly create a "reservoir" of Guizhou talents in the rule of law. In order to promote the theory of legal theory and judicial practice, the exchange of courts and colleges and universities were strengthened. On April 13, the Guiyang Intermediate People’s Court and Guizhou were in Guizhou. The National University held a cooperation signing ceremony to unveil the "Research Center of Teaching and Research Research Practice Base and Frontier Research Center for Judicial Practice" and conduct discussions and exchanges.

  It is understood that the Guiyang Intermediate People’s Court and Guizhou University for Nationalities will use this contract to give play to the advantages of judicial practice and academic resources, focusing on the implementation of the people’s codes, the business environment of the rule of law, the source of the source of the law, and ecological environmental protection. With the theoretical cutting -edge hotspots, carry out project cooperation and case studies, build two front lines of legal education and judicial practice, and two classrooms of legal career talents to jointly create a "storage pool" of Guizhou talents in rule of law.

  "Carrying out colleges and universities is a specific measure for the Guiyang Intermediate Court to implement the strategy of" Talent Promoting City ". It is an inevitable requirement for promoting high -quality development of work. It is a useful exploration to promote the professional and professional construction of judges.

"Dai Shiju, secretary of the party group and dean of the Guiyang Intermediate People’s Court, said that the Guiyang Intermediate People’s Court and Guizhou Nationality University will expand the breadth and depth of cooperation and exchanges, explore and innovate more and more effective cooperation methods and mechanisms. In the trial of judicial decision -making and difficult and complicated cases, he listened and learned from professional opinions to enhance the scientific rationality of decision -making. At the same time, the results of cooperation were transformed into judicial reform practice and provided strong judicial service guarantee and intelligence support for the "strong provincial capital". Guizhou Guizhou. Guizhou. Ethnic University is one of the earliest five ethnic universities founded by New China. It is the province’s key construction universities, provincial governments, and national civil committees. Experts and provincial core experts have trained more than 5,000 legal professionals for 36 years.

  "Guizhou University for Nationalities will give full play to the advantages of disciplines, talents, scientific research, etc., and combine it with the advantages of the Guiyang Intermediate People’s Court in professional, practical, resources and other aspects to achieve the sharing of resource sharing, complementary advantages, and win -win cooperation.

"Wang Lin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and principal of Guizhou University for Nationalities, said that he hoped that the two parties would strengthen cooperation in platform construction and mechanism innovation, and strive to build a platform carrier such as" teaching and scientific research practice base, judicial practice cutting -edge problem research center " , Projects and case research, expert think tank construction, two -way communication, academic resource sharing, academic exchanges, and other long -term cooperation mechanisms. The Guiyang Intermediate People’s Court will cooperate with Guizhou University for Nationalities University to carry out educational training, talent training, practical lectures, practical teaching, and practice Students’ internships, experts and scholars hang up and exercise.

At the same time, focusing on major issues such as the rule of law and the reform of the judicial system, in -depth academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation, actively producing a number of high -quality theoretical research and decision -making consulting results, and cooperating to promote the high -quality development of the city and the province. (Reporter Li Wei Li Liming).