The British media broke the news that Ukrainian workers were in modern slavery in Britain

The British media broke the news that Ukrainian workers were in modern slavery in Britain

On April 22, the British "Guardian" website published a report entitled "Ukrainian Labor Escape from the British Farm" on the 19th. The reporter was Diana Taylor. The excerpts are as follows: It is believed that hundreds of Ukrainians lived and engaged in informal jobs in the UK after they escaped from the farm they worked, and many of them claimed that they had suffered modern slavery. In 2021, Ukraines accounted for the highest proportion of foreign workers holding seasonal workers in the UK.

The Scottish refugee committee estimates that as many as 6,000 Ukrainians in the UK.

However, farm workers are not qualified to participate in the British government’s two major planning family plans and community sponsorship plans to support Ukraine refugees.

A reporter from the Guardian interviewed a Ukrainian worker, and she was extremely disturbed by her situation after escaping the farm.

In her words, the conditions of that farm are similar to modern slavery. She is an information technology expert with two university degrees and comes to the UK with her boyfriend, hoping to make money here.

Her boyfriend is about to become a doctor after the training. She provided a 3,000 -word statement to the work right center, which detailed the appalling working conditions in the farm where her and her partner were located.

The two worked there from August 2021 until they fled in October 2021.

The working right center is a charity that helps immigrants to achieve fair employment. She and her boyfriend are now engaged in cleaning and building work, belonging to the underground economy. She said: We met many, many other Ukrainians who fled the farm like us and could not return to Ukraine, so they were forced to work illegally here. I feel like a hostage in the UK.

My parents told me that I couldn’t return to Ukraine in any case because our city was being shot.

I felt trapped here.

She also said: No one cares about seasonal work. I thought our rights would be well protected in the UK, but not. The experience and treatment of working on farms may be the worst in my life. She and her boyfriend work on a cherry farm. The farm is not allowed to wear gloves, causing their hands to be bleeding and peeling. She said that a farm was protested due to bad conditions and was punished for a week of suspension. She said: Their goal of their determination is not finished at all.

Because of being threatened and humiliated, everyone was forced to work tirelessly, and the skin on their hands and feet continued to grind until she bleed.

If someone fell from the folding ladder, he was sent to the camp, restored by himself, or flew back to his hometown. In the large farm worker camp where she and her boyfriend lived, only 38 workers left did not escape.

She said: In order to solve economic problems and keep healthy, people leave there to fight black workers in the city.

I will never go to any farm to work. There is no happy story.

Everyone ran away. A assessment released by the Ministry of Internal Citizen and Environment, Food and Rural Affairs at the end of last year found that the season workers engaged in fruit and vegetable picking faced unacceptable welfare conditions. They were based on a Brexit after Brexit launched in 2019. To Britain. Some workers include lack of hygiene and safety equipment and racism. Graham O’Neal, the policy manager of the Scottish Refugee Commission, said: Hundreds of Ukrainians here have a stomachache to their relatives, friends and war in their hometown. Now they have become poor, and they have to escape the farm. failed. this is too scary! Essence