Shandong real-name exposure has fire safety illegal behavior and hidden dangers

Shandong real-name exposure has fire safety illegal behavior and hidden dangers

Time to keep the fire hidden dangers, Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine (Jinan) 1, the fire source (not seting fire pool) is not set in accordance with national engineering technical standards; 2. Setting up indoor fire hydrant systems in accordance with national engineering standards 3, the automatic water sprinkler system (indoor fire hydrant system and automatic sprinkler system) without the national engineering technical standards (indoor fire hydrant system and automatic water injection fire extinguishing system do not set fire hydrant pump, spray pump, pump adapter, high water tank and related regulator facilities), Only 5, 6 floors in the medical technology building have automatic sprinkler system, the other floors are not set); 4 Smoke facilities do not meet the technical standards); 5 Automatic alarm system does not function properly; 7, anti-smoke system, fire-fighting pump, etc. Caving the fourth layer of color steel plate; 10, the stairway between the gallery and the ward building, the depth of the ladder is insufficient, the form of the stairry does not meet the requirements; 11. The southwest stairs of the medical technology building are not enough; 12 The wall of the stairway is not blocked. "The unit is actively rectifying, and it is expected that the reform of December is completed.

Qingdao Bank School (Qingdao) 1, there is no indoor fire hydrant in the restaurant, violating the provisions of Article 16 of the Fire Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China; 2, dormitory building, No. 6 building does not set machinery Smoke facilities, violates the provisions of Article 16 of the Fire Law of the People’s Republic of China; The second provisions of the second paragraph; 4, the outdoor fire hydrant is not set, violates the provisions of Article 16 of the Fire Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China. Zibo Jinglu Petrochemical Storage and Transportation Sales Co., Ltd. (Zibo City) 1, the first floor of the office building is safe export, the second floor of the 25th floor evacuation indication logo is not in line with national standards; 2. No fire control room value record, fire prevention inspection record; electrical appliance The line is regularly maintained, and the detection has no record; the micro-fire station data desk is not revised; the fire file is not prepared;

Yao Chunzhi life supermarket (Zaozhuang City) 1, indoor fire hydrant water supply pressure; 2. Some electrical line laying does not meet the standard; 3. Training drill record is not standardized; ability. Lijin County Teng Yun Restaurant (Dongying City) 1, the number of fire extinguishers in the store is insufficient; 2. Existing fire extinguisher is not kept intact;

Antai International Hotel Property Management Co., Ltd. (Yantai) 1, no fire truck is set up; 2, the fire control cabinet cannot be associated with other automatic fire protection facilities; 4, automatic water sprinkler system failure, no normal use; 5, fire automatic alarm system fault, no normal use; 6, no smoke protection facilities in the corridor, the smokeless facilities have not been operated normally; 7, fire door damage The rate is greater than its standard requirement to set the total number of 50%; 8, the fire control indoors are not arranged in duty. Weifang Changyi Municipal Golden Peacock Entertainment Plaza (Weifang City) personnel intensive places are settled in colored steel clamping panels, and the combustion performance level of color steel clamp core material is lower than that of national standard 8624 specified. Jining Aijia Property Management Co., Ltd. (Jining City) The fire alarm system fault in Guanya Xingcheng Community, which is managed by the property company, and cannot be used normally. Xintai City Sanqiang Department Store Co., Ltd. Trinity Home Appliance Mall (Taian) 1, no closed stairwell; 2, a layer of evacuation walkway set rolling door; 3, the second floor window is blocked by the billboard; 4, indoor fire hydrant water supply Insufficient stress, it is not normal to use.

Weihai Gaoshen Tourism Leisure Products Co., Ltd. (Weihai) 1, fire-fighting central control room no person duty; 2, fire control cabinet stop, fire automatic alarm system is closed; 3. Indoor fire hydrant system in the factory disabled, The indoor fire hydrant has no pressure water; 4, the water pump room fire pump, the spray pump is deactivated, the automatic water sprinkler is closed, can not immediately return to normal operation; 5, canteen kitchen dynamic area is not effective with other regions Fire protection separation; 6, the generator is not effective fire-resistant separation on the water pump room evacuation channel and is in a deactivated state.莒 县 中心 中心 (Rizhao City) 1, the first floor of the office building is safe export, the second floor, the evacuation indication mark setting does not meet the national standards; 2. No fire control room value record, fire inspection record; electrical product line regular maintenance No record without recording; not a timely revision of micro-fire station data desk account; not preparing fire files; Yucheng County Pengcheng Printing Co., Ltd. (Linyi City) 1, the production workshop did not set up the stairwell as required; 2. The second floor of the production workshop lacks safety exports; Fire hydrant; 5, the indoor fire hydrant is not set as required; 6. The production workshop is built using flammable materials.

Wangquan County Wangquan Building Hotel Second Store (Dezhou) 1, the hotel lacks a scattered staircase; Outdoor fire hydrant is not set.县 孝 老年 公 有限 有 公司公 公司 (城) 1, two, three layers lack of evacuation stairs; 2, two-storey indoor fire hydrant water; 3. Fire automatic alarm system deactivated; 4, fire control room value staff Fire Control Room Operates a Vocational Qualification Certificate. Huimin County Hu Ji Town Oriental Red Business Hotel (Binzhou) 1, no closed evacuation stairway; 2. The safe export width in the hotel does not meet the requirements; Billboard occlusion.

Shandong Zhongjia Furniture Co., Ltd. (Heze City) 1. Production workshop did not set automatic water sprinkler system and fire automatic alarm system in accordance with the fire protection technical standards; 2. The parameters of the fire hydrant pump do not meet the demand for fire protection, and no spare pump is set. Satisfaction with one preparation requirement. (Shandong Fire Contribution) (Editor: Public Snow, Xing Manhua) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

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The state will build a Chinese medicine disease prevention base

The state will build a Chinese medicine disease prevention base

  On March 29, the National New Office held a press conference. The National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration introduced the "14th Five-Year Plan" and promoted the revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine.

Director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine said during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be based on the service of people’s health, inheriting the essence, and homing innovation as the main line, to deepen reform, improve the system, and insist on playing The advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and multi-product value, adhere to the core value of traditional Chinese medicine medical services, to build a socialist modern country in an all-round manner.

  According to reports, the construction of traditional Chinese medicine during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period must first focus on the construction of focus of focusing, and play a good advantage and role in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Improve the integration mechanism of Chinese and Western medicine, strengthen the national Chinese medicine emergency medical team and base construction, deepen the research of traditional Chinese medicine diseases, effective experience summary and clinical data mining, scientifically summarize the effect of Chinese medicine prevention and treatment.

Second, focusing on special talents training, strengthen the construction of talents; focus on the improvement and expansion of medical resources, and promote the construction of high-quality efficient service system.

  In terms of high quality development, civilization said that it is necessary to promote inheritance innovation and the quality of traditional Chinese medicine. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of Chinese medicine technology innovation system, promote the construction of traditional Chinese herbal medicine production bases, and the construction of traditional Chinese medicine quality traceability system, and implement Chinese medicine registration management reform measures. Improve Chinese Medicine Research Method, Evaluation System, and Improve Clinical Evaluation Technology, Methods.

  During the "14th Five" period, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine will pay more attention to problem-oriented, goal orientation, and results or guide, further play the overall medical and health medicine advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, and focus on promoting the establishment of anti-prevention and health care, disease treatment and rehabilitation. Chinese medicine service system, improve service ability. "Jiang Jian, Director of the Philology Department of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine, said. Improve the ability of traditional Chinese medicine, first to highlight the advantages of the characteristics, and create a new highland of traditional Chinese medicine services. Jiang Jian said that it will implement the construction plan of high quality and efficient medical and health service system, launch the construction of the National Chinese Medical Center and Regional Medical Center, promote the expansion and equalization layout of the provincial and municipal high-quality Chinese medicine resources.

Create a Chinese medicine hospital that is famous, famous, famous doctor, famous medicine, and a distinctive features, and a batch of traditional Chinese medicine advantages, providing high-quality and efficient Chinese medicine services.

  At the same time as the construction base team, the emergency response capabilities of Chinese medicine hospitals also need to be further improved. Jiang Jian introduced that the next step will rely on high-level Chinese medicine hospitals, build a national Chinese medicine disease prevention base and an emergency medical rescue base. Strengthening the Construction of Infectious Diseases, Emergency, Emergency Department, Pulmonary Diseases, and Here Medical Sciences.

Create Chinese medicine disease prevention and emergency medical rescue teams to improve the emergency and treatment capacity of Chinese medicine hospitals.

  Building a Chinese medicine service network, you need to strengthen the construction of Chinese Medicine. It is reported that the Chinese Medicine Administration plans to achieve all community health service centers and township hospitals to set up Chinese medicine halls, improve the availability and quality of grassroots Chinese medicine services.

  Chinese medicine innovation medical model, inseparable from the development of Chinese and Western medicine.

Jiang Jian, currently in the comprehensive hospital, infectious hospitals, specialist hospitals, etc., has gradually promoted the combined medical model of Chinese and Western medicine. "On the one hand, strengthen the Chinese medicine practitioners in the clinical department, build a Chinese and Western medicine combined team, establish Chinese and Western Medicine, multi-study diagnosis and treatment system, carry out Chinese and Western medicine joint diagnosis; on the other hand, encourage Chinese and Western medicine to improve the clinical treatment." Traditional Chinese medicine has carried forward, both need to inherit its essence, but also need to innovate.

Li Wei, Director of the Science and Technology Division of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration will further promote the construction of Chinese medicine technology innovation system.

  First, strengthen the combing and excavation of Chinese medicine classical medicine essence, hold the root pulse of Chinese medicine inheritance. Li Wei introduced that the implementation of the "China Medical Tibet" editorial publishing project should be accelerated, and the investigation, protection and research work of Chinese medicine ancient books should be promoted.

Do a good job in living inheritance, formulate the management of Chinese medicine academic inheritance projects and inheritors, and strengthen the inheritance of academic experience in the name of the old Chinese medicine. In addition, we must strengthen the construction of Chinese medicine technology innovation platforms.

A number of national key laboratories should be built in key areas such as Chinese medicine theory, traditional Chinese medicine resources, modern Chinese medicine creation, and the evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine. Focusing on major chronic diseases and characteristic therapy, 10 to 20 National Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Center and its coordinated innovation network, construction of 30 Chinese medicine inheritance innovation centers. Science and technology innovation is unknown. In the strengthening of the construction of the Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Talents and the Construction of Innovation Teams, Li Wei said that it will organize a group of national Chinese medicine multi-discipline cross-innovation teams and national Chinese medicine inheritance and innovation teams, and cultivate a group of multi-disciplinary cross-innovative quality and ability. Young talents talents. Cultivate and collect a group of cross-professional, interdisciplinary, cross-areas, active leaders, discipline leaders and innovative teams, improve talents incentives and evaluation mechanisms.

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Qingming small holiday enjoy the spending of the most popular 90 into the main force

Qingming small holiday enjoy the spending of the most popular 90 into the main force

Beginning in mid-March, the country entered "spending time", and the reporter learned from major tourists, the upcoming Qingming small holiday, the spending tour will also become the mainstream, and at the same time, the high-speed rail, aviation capacity increases, Under the development of the tourism website, it will be very "close".

Domestic luxury flower line is a high price, Linzhi, a hard time, July, which is a good year of domestic viewing tour. With the weather, the South of the Yangtze River began to enter the flower period, Yunnan, Guangxi, Shanghai, Jiangxi, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei, etc.

Among them, the current Jiangxi Wuyuan rapeseed has entered the expiration period, and the Lingniang Scenic Area welcomed the people to enjoy the flowers; recently Wu Da is also the primary blossom, the propaganda department of the Wu Da issued a management notice, indicating that this year will continue to limit the people through real name. Lin Zhi Peach Blossom Festival is also open, Tibet is unable to see a ticket, and travel agencies can only postpone the closer. The "2019 domestic popular enjoyment" released by Ctrip is shown that the most popular popular audition in China is: Jiangxi Wuyuan, Wuxi, Beijing Yuyuan Tan, Tibet Linzhi, Yunnan, Henan Luoyang, Guizhou Jinhai, Guilin Garden Board, Xi’an Qinglong Temple, Shangri-La Puda.

Compared to outbound, the scenery of the country is not inferior, but the price is quite "close". Ctrip data shows that before and after the Ching Ming Festival, more than 500 well-known domestic people have launched a discount ticket, there is a parent-child ticket, multi-person child ticket, etc., and the average cost of domestic viewing tour is about 1,000 yuan, which is equivalent to One-fifth of Japanese travel prices. And the visual information shows that this year’s Ching Ming Festival is at least 100% higher than last year. At the same time, the price of the people during the Qingming small holiday this year is basically the same, the average night price is only 390 yuan, and Beijing , Wuhan, Xi’an, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Suzhou is the most important popular tourist land.

After 80, although the main force of the tour is only 3 days, it is more and more young people who use the Qingming small holiday.

According to the search, the booking data is displayed, and the passenger has averaged search price at 37 days in advance.

This means that many passengers have just finished the Lantern Festival, they started to prepare the travel of the Qingming small holiday. Compared with 60, after 70, the goods were more than three after 80, and after 90, they did not "choose difficulties."

According to where the ticket data is displayed, this year, the passenger of the Qingming small holiday, the 25-36-year-old user accounts for%, of which the% users search once, and the search for 4 times reserves reached 81%. At the same time, the data released by the Tour Network has shown that in the past year, in the 90-label user who orders the tourism products in the tournament network, from the travel mode, the proportion of the free line is selected, and the proportion of semi-self-help tourism products will be selected. At the per capita budget,% of the 90s will be 5,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan,% of the crowd, willing to have an additional 1000 yuan to 5,000 yuan on the ordering activity item or "value-added" service. Chen Jie, the person in charge of the Liberal Products Products, said that in order to cater to the 90-after travel demand, the travel agency is also launching the corresponding products and services, such as March to June, Zhongqing Travel Tour Network All Phuket Free Travel Products "Value Redemption" and other services. Short-term outbound travel price stably went to the Japanese appreciation of cherry, the most popular Chinese, the general manager of the tour, the general manager of the tourism market, said that the Qingming small holiday is approaching, and the short-term products of the outbound travel market are widely concerned. "Due to the overlapping of the Qingming holiday, Japan is not allowed to become the Qingming small holiday, the Japanese overall product registration has been basically sold out. Other short-term products, such as Sabah, Saipan, Chiang Mai and other vacation products are also welcome The price increase is not large, and about 5% have risen slightly. "Miss Yang from Shanghai went to Japan four times a year, and I went to Japan to celebrate the cherry for the spring of Yang, with tourism products Her rich and fragmentation, her bamboo passes also increasing small people and paying attention to experience. Miss Yang said to the reporter that they no longer take the regular route after 90, and they will sign up for the emerging private group, please have less people with more people with a larger feet. Explore. From the perspective of international tourists disclosed by the Japanese Sightseeing Bureau last year, the Chinese tourists in the Sakura Season have exceeded 600,000.

Ctrip Tourist Experts expect that this year’s Sakura Season from March to early May this year, it is expected that there are 1 million Chinese tourists to remember the cherry, and the consumption will exceed 10 billion yuan. In some popular attractions, more than 3 or more international tourists are expected from China.

In addition, taking into account two or three thousand ticket fees in the Sakura season, tourists suggest visitors can take the boat to Japanese cherry. Compared to the aircraft to the Japanese appreciation, the cruise spending price is higher. (Tianhu).

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The drama "Li Bai" performance is 237th, and the Co.

The drama "Li Bai" performance is 237th, and the Co.

In the survey, please wait. If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page on December 10, Beijing’s human chart "Li Bai" staged the last performance of this round, and also ushered in the 30th birthday.

From December 10, 1991, the present, a total of 237 performances, starring Yugu, Gong Lijun, from the age of 23 or oriented, this play is not only a classic of human art, but also become them Important part of life.

  At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, more than two hours from the performance, the background of the Capital Theater is as follows as usual. On the small table in the background corridor, the human art "Shenshui" honeysuckle tea has already brewed, the coffee machine started, floating the rich coffee, a fan specially printed on the "Li Bai" thirty-year-old cake The chart photo took a photo, the sunflowers sent by the fans shine with golden light … Director Tang Wei, starring Gong Lijun, Wang Gang is participating in Beijing’s human art youth anger assessment review, come early. Yugui is five o’clock to the theater, and several reporters are waiting for an interview. "Don’t let me call any slogan, talk about art or ok." Yu Cun said that he is not afraid of interviews, not afraid to say the show, I am afraid that those sets, big words. "Li Bai" is undoubtedly an extremely important drama, and it is also an incompetent drama. "It is often a new year after a year, or is often new. It is ready to go to the stage to create, forget all things in life.

"Some people say that he is now" Li Bai "is the state of" soft boat has passed ".

He said that when you are young, you always make your strength, now the performance is not sweating, come.

"I can go deep into the spiritual realm of Li Bai, because there have been similar pains, sitting on the hill while doing clear youth, grazing on the Maiqi, can not say a word a day, how many days don’t talk, I have passed I have passed, so Li Bai’s life in the Yangtze River. I can experience.

I am shaping Li Bai, Li Bai is also shaping me.

"On the side of Tang Wei said:" Xupi, you are sitting there, you are like Li Bai.

"Tang Wei said that Yu Cun is more than 30 years old, and it is necessary to try to find a sixty-year-old feeling. At that time, even the group leader did not take, Li Bai thought that the mood of the Shi is very difficult to understand, now he is Dean, but also the chairman of the Chinese Drama Association, and experienced the smooth and unusual moment. The kind of mental process will be transplanted to Li Bai, and there will be new interpretations on the role. Today’s sixty-year-old Qu Chen is more than the drama. The age is big, the mood is close, but the hands and feet are not as flexible when you are young. On the sofa armrests between him, there is a bandage of the volume. When the "Thunderstorm", the feet of Yu Cun were in the feet, always Not good, playing "Li Bai" to give an ankle to your ankle. The full drama, when the moon rises, Li Bai has a high leg, slowly stepping into the action in the moon shadow, now changed to one turn Stepping in.

Tang Wei said that there is a performance of the show to ask her the moon to become bigger.

"Where is the poem?" To the mountain, quarry, Qinglian, broken leaves, what to get off the boots, just, I am afraid that it is a bad thing … "The curtain has not been opened, and the opening poetry of Suimin’s director recited, The child took the audience into the world of Li Bai.

The first performance of this round, everyone said he overexpressed.

"I have been catching Li Bai’s true, that is really true, but that is not every day, I heard my father’s, I entered the state.

"Father’s recital is like a key, which leads to him into the world of Li Bai, and as a ruler, it is aesthetic for his performance." The voice is a aesthetic standard, so you can’t slack off.

"I have collaborate Gong Lijun for 30 years in this drama and Yu Cun, and it is also the most tacit partner of Yugu." When we are discivalent, don’t say it, it is particularly specific, he changed on the stage, I Feedback will be given immediately.

"When there is no one’s own play, Gong Lijun stood on the" Master "on the desk," he did a move, my heart got up. "Because the foot hurts, Li Bai originally has a moving movement of the back, and the light is dark, and the tips who are in the same place can only be half. But Gong Lijun thinks this does not affect this. The color of this drama, "Li Bai’s feelings have been integrated into his blood. He is now playing, it is very content, and it is more profound. "When the last curtain call, Yu Cun hit a white robe. He bought the audience three times, and the audience was rang in the audience. Yuguxu specially invited the director to go to the audience to meet the audience, in the face of warm applause, Tang Wei proposal Dedicated applause to the drama of the drama Guo Qihong, director Su Shi, as well as many Beijing people, old age artists, "is what they create" Li Bai ".

"Yu Cun said:" We played less than 30 years ago. It is the audience to pay for us to pay for us. 237 games are spending with us to support us. I hope that the audience will continue to support us in the future.

"As for the" Li Bai "that everyone cares about, he will not play again. He said that there is no performance plan next year, and then let go later.

Reporter Niu Chunmei.

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The second batch of provincial non-legacy workshops in Shaanxi Province declares established work start

The second batch of provincial non-legacy workshops in Shaanxi Province declares established work start

Original title: The second batch of provincial non-legacy workshops in our province declared the establishment of this newspaper (Reporter Li Wei) to consolidate the poverty reduction, in-depth promotion of the construction of the non-legacy employment workshop, help more from the poverty reduction Employment Workshop employment, recent, Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall and the Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau decided to organize the establishment of the second provincial-level non-legacy workshop declaration. The recommended declaration conditions are: non-legacy projects with large production skills, wide-level non-legacy projects, more professionals, more employees, adapt to drive employment, have better market potential; include traditional or Shaanxi tradition Project priority support for the revitalization of the process; there is a fixed place for skill training and production, there is a basic condition for the necessary hydropower for the construction of non-legacy workshops; construction, operation of non-legacy workshop lead companies, cooperatives or leaders There are non-legacy inheritors with county levels to participate in training and production; they can effectively absorb the poverty poverty population and low-income families, disabled groups, and women such as disabilities, and drive employment, income, not less than local minimum wage standards. There are skills training and production plans, have certain exhibition platforms and channels.

The recommended deadline is October 29, 2021.

(Editor: Sun Ting, Wang Qingshu) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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Shenzhen this year will increase 30 housing service institutions this year

Shenzhen this year will increase 30 housing service institutions this year

Original title: The city will add 30 homologies this year. "0-3 years old baby is the most soft group, should be scientific care of society and family.

With the implementation of the three-child policy, the Puxian housing services of 0-3 years old infants have become a hot spot for the public. In July, Shenzhen released the "new action program on promoting consumption expansion and creation of consumption (2021" – 2023) "Propose to develop the homological service system to increase the support of the social power of three years old for 3 years old. Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government focuses on hot demand, accelerate the layout of Pu Wei Housing service track Forming the model and characteristics of "State-owned Enterprises leading, Take the young, the people’s help, the combination of health education".

There are about 423 institutions that provide housing services in the city, and the street coverage of housing institutions is reached. This year, there will be 30 streets to add 1 Pu Hui hillion service.

  The amount of demand is large, and 35% of the family has entered the will. Shenzhen is a young city, attracting young people from five lakes, struggling to their dreams in this hot soil. How to find more assured housing institutions in front of the parents, and make the two heads of careers and families.

  Hu Yueming, General Manager of Shahe Company, Shenzhen, believes that there is currently the problem of supplying and demand in harbor market, providing high-quality homological institutions, the public’s understanding of scientific parenting, and the trust of housing agencies remain to be improved. Housing education has not yet been fully satisfied.

  In 2020, the investigation data shows that 35% of the city’s 0-3 years old infants have enrolled will, including 80% of their families in 2-3 years old. Statistics show that there are currently about 600,000 infants under Shenzhen 3,066, in the way of look at home care.

According to the statistics of the Municipal Health, the city’s existing institutions provide housing services, with approximately 10,000 retros, the market demand is large.

  Initial support, tax cuts, subsidies, have a constant call for institutions, must have.

"Hillow market is a new business, facing the lack of site resources, high rent costs, lack of harvesting talents, etc.

Cultivating the housing market, the participation of many people such as government, enterprises and society, together to form a joint force, and put the people’s livelihood.

"Song Xiaolhang, the Family Development of the Municipal Health Jian Jiao Hubei and the Department of Health, said that Shenzhen’s multiple government departments have introduced relevant support policies to encourage social strength to participate in the construction of the Popular housing system to meet the multiculturalism of the masses. Service requirements. Since 2019, the Municipal Defense Committee has led to the introduction of a series of policy documents that promote the development of infants and young children under 3 years old.

"The municipal government has introduced the implementation plan for infant care service under the age of 3 (2020-2025), the Municipal Health Jianjian Committee of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission launched the government support policy list, implementing tax concessions and cost reduction policies for community housing services, and promoting All support policies land.

For example, planning landings should be incorporated into urban planning, and the education sector encourages support for customized kindergartens to open TOU, state-owned enterprises and medical institutions to participate in the establishment of housing institutions.

"Song Xiaohong introduced that in terms of tax concessions, it is used to provide real estate, land, exemption from property tax, urban land use tax, and provide community housing services, and exempt value-added tax according to the regulations. Housing with water, electricity, and gas prices.

  Shenzhen rigped into the cultivation of housing markets, took out tax cuts, subsidies, etc., and engunably the operation of housing institutions.

  The warm air blows, social capital into the housing market, reporters found in the interview that the public is most concerned about whether the housing facilities are safe, and the child’s health is guaranteed and the fees.

"These issues concerned, Shenzhen has policies to standardize housing institutions, such as our agencies participate in the guidance program of Shenzhen Housing Authority, which is led by the Municipal Guardian Committee, standardizing the housing facility, leading the industry The overall quality is improved, and the public can assure the infants to entrust us to us.

"Hu Yueming said. Spring river plumbing ducklement. With the warming of tax cuts, the warm air of the policy, the social capital has entered the homology market. Hu Yueming introduced that the Shenzhen Industry Group as a state-owned enterprise, in the Municipal Co-CS, Under the guidance and support of the Municipal Health Jianjian, I started researching the layout of the market in 2019.

At the end of last year, the two Phuhui intersection created by the deep industry group – deeply happy home u central hillion garden, deeply happy family Lu Yueyuan hillion garden, to this year, there will be 5 The home submitutes meet with the public, including the deep-economic international innovation of the international developed countries and the city standards will be tried in September. By 2022, Shenzhen will realize a housing institution for each street. By 2025, the full coverage of infant housing service agency community. Cultivate, standardize the hustle market, and the needs of ordinary people can gradually be released. Song Xiaohong said, "In the future, I hope that the public will mention the housing institution, will emerge in a sunny outdoor event site, the child smiles, the teacher is kind and kind,". " (Reporter Luo Liqiong Intern Yuan Xiaoyai) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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The national newspaper industry promotes the leading lead of the poverty reduction and the ecological civilization construction and 100 presidential editor-in-law entered Guizhou Tongren joint intervi

The national newspaper industry promotes the leading lead of the poverty reduction and the ecological civilization construction and 100 presidential editor-in-law entered Guizhou Tongren joint interview

  On December 11th, the national newspaper industry promoted the poverty reduction and the ecological civilization construction and 100 presidential editor-in from Guizhou Tongren joint interviews in Tongren held.

  Zhang Jianxing, Chairman of the China Newspaper Association, Chen Changxu, the Municipal Party Committee, attended and speaking, Liu Qingying, president of Guizhou News Association, gave a speech, People’s Daily National Human Historical Mission President Liu Wenping, the President of China Tourism News, Xu Xing, Economic Daily Wang Yuanzhang, President of Zhejiang Newspaper Association, Huang Baiqing, Guizhou Daily, Party Secretary, Vice Chairman, General Manager Li Zhu, and Li Zai, deputy chairman, general manager of the Contemporary Media Group.

Minister of the Municipal Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department, Minister of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the launching ceremony. Zhang Jianxing said that since the 18th National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has built a well-off society in an all-round way, and strives to achieve the projections of the poverty, and put forward a series of new ideas, new ideas, new ideas, and new arguments. Deeping the poverty points indicated the direction and provided fundamental follows. Deversion of poverty has become the ideological consensus and action consciousness, accurate poverty alleviation, precision and poverty alleviation, and depletion of poverty points.

It is a systematic engineering that needs to mobilize the resources of all parties. The news media is an indispensable force. We must go deep into the requirements of "four power" requirements, with deep feelings, ideal beliefs, grasp the correct orientation, do deeply report, innovate and disseminate, multi-angle, multi-form, full media, and in-depth publicity of central decision-making deployment and work Requirements, in-depth reports of national poverty alleviation, reflect the new exploration, new progress, new achievements, and truly put all the countries all over the country, the stability of all parts of the country, and have a good propaganda. . Through the Tongren field inspection, Tongren City has fully experienced Tongren experience, Tongren path, and hopes that the media reporter will explore more "Tongren Story" in recent years. The experience practices of Tongren Defell and Ecological Civilization are spread more and more. Liu Qingying said that Guizhou is the main battlefield of the country’s leading down to the country, and Tongren is one of the provinces and the province.

Since the Party’s 18th National Congress, the Tongren Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have always been firmly liable to the shoulders, and the task of leaving the poverty attack is firmly grasped in his hand. Protecting the "Jinshan Yinshan", poverty, and the poverty reduction, created the "Tongren Period" "Tongren Experience" in the poverty reduction, and has emerged. I hope that all media friends can stetrically, diverse Tongren, and further help Tongren form a big poverty alleviation, big ecological powerful gas field, and put Tongren offensive the wonderful story, put Tongren to practice the vivid practice of "two mountain theory", further publicize Ok, show good. Chen Changxu welcomed all the guests and media reporters. He said that in recent years, we have insisted that the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping is, according to the development of Tongren’s development of Tongren in accordance with the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government, and make a good job of water articles, and make a good ecological card. Struggling to create a green development first demonstration area, fully build green development highlands, landlocked, cultural tourism resorts, live in the "one district" struggle for the "one district" struggle for the Zhengjing Zhengjing.

In terms of leaving the poverty, we have requested the "three-step work" and adhere to the "Seven Extreme" Work Requirements and "Sanzhen Three Dimensions" In principle, use the living method of "76554" working methods, fully hit "four hard sings", and carry out "five special governance", and comprehensively promote the rural industry revolution, and deplete the resurrection.

In terms of ecological civilization, we adhere to the ecological priority, green development, and vigorously build a green barrier, develop the green economy, create a green home, improve the green system, cultivate green culture, and fully promote economic green, high quality development. I look forward to the media friends often come to Tongren, record Tongren, promote Tongren, and promote Tongren, and inject more positive energy for Tongren offensive and economic and social high quality development. The meeting read the Decision of the China Newspaper Association "on the promotion of the awards for the collection of outstanding news of the poverty reduction activities in the country."

Finally, Zhang Jianxing, Chen Changxu, Liu Qingying, Xu Xing, Li Zhu jointly pressed the big screen, and the logo activity was officially launched.

After the launching ceremony, the participants founded the "micro-labor factories", convenient service center, township hall of Wanshan District, and visited the people in cross-regional. During the event, the main point of view has also been held, and the media is deeply entered into the city of Wanjia Garden, the new era of patriotic education base, Tongren Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangkou Group, etc. The relevant responsible comrades of the provincial (district, municipal) newspaper association, the responsible comrades of some parties in the country, and the reporter participated in the launching ceremony.

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The World Top Scientist Association Award is 10 million yuan in Shanghai, a single bonus

The World Top Scientist Association Award is 10 million yuan in Shanghai, a single bonus

Original title: The World Top Scientist Association Awards in Shanghai, the World Top Scientist Association Award has set a single prize in Shanghai, support the global original basic research Morning News Yesterday, the 4th World Top Scientist Forum in China (Shanghai) Free Trade The opening of the new wall in the Test Zone opened. 131 world top scientific awards, including 68 Nobel Prize winners, academicians of Chinese two hospitals, 132 top young scientists, guests from all walks of life and 100 "small scientists" participation, assembly specifications And the scale is new. At the opening ceremony, the Forum organizers announced the establishment of the "World Top Scientist Association Award" (Chinese abbreviated ", English abbreviation" Wlaprize "), the first" Mathematics and Intelligent Science Award "and" Medical and Life Science Award " Two single prizes, each year is selected, each single award reward amount is RMB 10 million, ranking among the highest level of science and technology awards in the world.

"The World Top Scientist Association Award" is launched by the World Top Scientist Association, Shanghai World Top Scientist Development Foundation is undertaken, and the exclusive permanent donation of Sequoia China.

The awards target the world’s top science award, which is positioned as established in China, hosted by social power, international science awards for global scientists (unlimited nationality, unlimited age), inviting the world’s top scientists to be reviewed and used to commend Scientists who have contributed outstanding contributions worldwide. Chairman of the World Top Scientist Association, 2006 Nobel Chemical Award Wonner Roger Cohenberg said that the top science proposal focused on the original basic research, encouraging scientific and technological personnel to participate and serve the common well-being of all mankind; Unremitting efforts, confidence will create this scientific awards in China to become a world-class science award with significant international influence.

The World Top Scientists Association will rely on its strong global top scientists linking capabilities, establish management committees, selection committees and review committees, responsible for the collection, initial review and final review of awards, and will officially launch selection and awards in 2022.

At the opening ceremony held in the opening ceremony of the Forum, the Chairman of the World Top Scientist Association, 2006 Nobel Chemical Awards, Roger Cohenberg, Vice Chairman of the World Top Scientist Association, 2013 Nobel Chemical Award winner Michael Levitt, Shanghai World Top Scientist Development Foundation, Sequoia Flush China Foundation and Executive Partners Shen Nanpeng, Shanghai World Top Scientist Development Foundation, Xu Hang, Chief Representative of Shanghai Center, Shanghai Center, Shanghai World Top Scientist Development Foundation, Director Wu Xiangdong Wang Hou, Secretary General of the World Top Scientist Association, jointly launched the World Top Scientist Association Award, participating in the 131 world top scientists in the Fourth World Top Scientist Forum witnessed the birth of the Jindu Cost and will become the power of awards. " The rear reinforcement group, helped to build a scientific award in the world level.

(Reporter Lin Jinyi) (Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.

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The child has blue purple, is it a blood disease? If there are these companions, parents should pay attention to green blood disease – Xi’an Jiaotong University Second Affiliated Hospital

The child has blue purple, is it a blood disease? If there are these companions, parents should pay attention to green blood disease – Xi’an Jiaotong University Second Affiliated Hospital

[Abstract] In medicine, we have nammered them through the size of the blue purple diameter.

The diameter is less than 2mm called a sputum or bleeding point, and the 3-5mm is called purpura, more than 5mm is called rubber.

  During the growth of children, almost every parent has seen the situation on the green of the green, especially the tits, the child, and sometimes it will appear.

So, some parents will ask questions, what is the blood system disease? Do you need medical attention in what? Today’s science is in medicine, we named them through different sizes of blue and purple diameters.

The diameter is less than 2mm called a sputum or bleeding point, and the 3-5mm is called purpura, more than 5mm is called rubber. It is mainly due to various causes caused by a variety of subcutaneous bleeding, so these rashes are pressed.

I want to know why these blue majors appear, then we have to explore children’s hemorrhagic disease ~~~ The human body wants to maintain normal coagulation function, a very important factor is the blood vessel wall, platelet and coagulation factor, where any of these factors is damaged It may cause an abnormality of coagulation function, causing bleeding. The most common hemorrhagic diseases in pediatrics are allergic purpura, platelet reduction purpura, leukemia, bloody diseases, etc.

  The cause of allergic purpura is small vascular inflammation, causing blood vessel wall damage, and then subcutaneous hemorrhage; bloodlet reduction purpura, leukemia and other diseases are reduced by platelet levels, resulting in bleeding; hemophilia and some liver disease cause bleeding due to coagulation Insufficient factors. Parents saw blue majesty on their children. If there is a clear trauma bump, you can observe first, look at whether the part is very fast, and pay attention to the child is accompanied by symptoms: such as gum bleeding, nasal bleeding, black room.

If there is an unknown reason, it is necessary to bring children’s blood specialist clinic in children’s blood special clinic in childhood, or bleeding, or bleeding. Except for coagulation related inspections, there are mainly blood routine, 6 coagulation, complete sets of coagulation factors. Blood routine can see the platelet count, the coagulation function can generally reflect whether the coagulation time is abnormal, the coagulation factor can detect a variety of coagulation factor levels, exclude related diseases.

  In short, parents are important for children’s body, and they can make simple self-examination of their bodies when they go to bed, and timely discover problems. I hope that under the care of parents, children can grow up healthily. Xi’an Jiaotong University Second Affiliated Hospital Children’s Hospital Children’s Blood Tumor Disease is the designated medical institution designated by the National Health Commission, mainly attacking leukemia, lymphoma, reincarbility, ITP, MDS, etc. Pediatric blood system disease, Blood disease diagnostic experiment platform, a variety of advanced diagnosis and treatment techniques for the precision diagnosis, conditional assessment and optimization of blood tumors.

Xi’an Jiaotong University Second Affiliated Hospital is jointly established by children’s blood and solid tumor MDT multi-discipline, which forms a scientific and reasonable comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan including surgery, radiotherapy, etc., significantly improved the survival rate of children. .

  Professor Xiao Yanfeng (Department of Standing Vice President, Children’s Hospital, Director of Pediatrics) Time: Monday afternoon, Tuesday, Three All-day, Friday morning Chen Hao Professor outpatient time: Monday, Thursday morning, Friday afternoon Xkri Profeen Time : Monday, Second morning, Thursday, all day manuscript source: Xi’an Jiaotong University Second Affiliated Hospital.

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Taiyuan: Establishing a Tax Enterprise WeChat Group Service "Zero Distance"

Taiyuan: Establishing a Tax Enterprise WeChat Group Service "Zero Distance"

"Our company is a technology company, mainly doing project software development, is the industry type does not choose 6513 software and information technology service industry?" October 10, the State Administration of Taxation Taiyuan City Yingze District Tax Office Tax Co., Ltd. Personnel received a new message.

"I can be practical in this heart, thank you teacher!" Taxpayers thank you in the group.

The State Administration of Taxation Taiyuan City Yingze District Taxation Bureau immediately following the provincial and municipal bureau tax service reminders, continuously updating tax policy knowledge, using the provincial bureau to accurately position the taxpayer who enjoys the tax policy, through WeChat group, phone and so on Channels carry out targeted services, implement "one-to-one" tracking, "point-to-point" guarantee, give accurate and patient solution, first time, "hot" tax preferential policies sent to every taxpayer.

Up to now, Yingze District Taxation Bureau Tax Service Co., Ltd. has established multiple WeChat groups, involving taxes, tax-related intermediaries and key taxpayers 757, the tax source management department established 88 WeChat groups, involving all employees; Tax information, taxation exchange interaction, taxation information control and other "non-contact" taxation function, regularly push the publicity and counseling video, warm reminder notice, promote the hotspots, doubt problems of taxpayers, better It is precise and personalized tax service. (Lan Jie) (Editor: Mahun, Zhang Linshan) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

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