The Agricultural Sap Group has advanced "doing practical" to help the market in scale

The Agricultural Sap Group has advanced "doing practical" to help the market in scale

The list will make things "see the true chapter", focus on the agricultural main business to actively support farmers, and focus on improving the sense of happiness of employees … Since the study of party history, the Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of China, the party committee, according to Heilongjiang Provincial Party CommitteeAnd the deployment requirements of the Party Committee of the Provincial Site Committee on Party History, adhere to the high-rise plan, high standards, high-quality implementation, solid promotion of party history education, continue to walk deep, highlight "I am for the masses"Do practical practice.

System driver: List "Doctors" list, everything "see the true chapter" lists the list, "see the true chapter".

The Party Committee of the Petros Group has adhere to the party history education as a major political task in 2021. Combining the actual work of the group, widely collecting suggestions, meticulous planning, and overtracting the "I do practical things for the masses", and insist on doing ideas, Energy is put in place, organize the leadership.

The Group’s Party History Learning Education Leading Group has widened advice to all departments, all corporate cadres employees, form a list and implement dynamic management, due to enterprises, due to time, and regularly issued a job preview and prompt to ensure work hook sales , Orderly advancement.

Since May, the Group has vigorously launched the "Walking Process, Mass Research, Doing Treatment" activities, the group leadership team members have deeply entered the "Doctors", the Group’s Party History, Social Education Leading Group, Safe Going to each second or third-level enterprises will supervise the "I am doing practical things for the masses". As of the end of August, the 75 real things identified by the Agricultural Sap Group and the companies and companies have completed 64 pieces, and the completion rate was 85%. The agglomeration group insisted on connecting the party history education and the development of the Group’s development, the depth combination, integrating daily, and arrested. In this way, the principle of "promoting the development of enterprises, the development of employees, the employee," to the service object ", implement the implementation, to ensure that the entrepreneurial office is in the key office of the enterprise, The masses of the people.

Focus on the main business: "Big Data + Financial" Service Platform Support Farmers "originally applied for loans, annual running banks, encountered ‘card shell’ is a frequent event, now use mobile phones to run loans, but also use mobile phone to purchase managed services I will be as convenient to buy online! "Spring Pill Festival, Lanxi County, Suihua City, the" order "of Lanxi County, the purchase of cultivated land, because Sun Tao’s hosted information has been synchronized in the background, Sun Tao quickly loans 6200 The yuan pays the hosted commission.

Let the data run more, farmers can run less legs. Sun Tao can manage the order, online loans, online payment, so simple and convenient process benefits from the province of the province of the province of the province of the Agricultural Rural Department of Heilongjiang Province, the provincial farm group, CCB Heilongjiang Province Branch Digital Agricultural Comprehensive Service System Through the "big data + finance" service platform, solve the problem of financing, financing expensive.

Financing is difficult, the financing is expensive, and the financing has always been the core issue of "three rural" work. It is the annoyance of the majority of farmers.

Since the study of party history, the agglomeration group has seized this issue, remembering the "Let Longjiang Farmers", the company’s mission, the agricultural capital big data company forms a pro-officer, special promotion, special promotion, increase farm Investing "big data + finance" support, providing credit data support for banks, banks use unsecured ways to lend, helping farmers loans more than 300 billion yuan, radiation driving more than 400,000 farmers, realizing farmers loans " Don’t ask for people "" Loan to run the fingertips ". In order to solve the problem of farmers sell food, slowness, the agglomeration group also jointly built the food storage management platform, docked the food storage company management system, support the bank to settle, and provide "food bank" financing services to the transaction. " The problem of funds, purchase, storage, plus, sales, etc., improve food circulation efficiency, reduce circulation costs, and focus on alleviating practical problems of farmers.

Warm and intimate: Solve the employee "riot"

Employees are also getting more, more direct, and more happiness and feelings from a small matter, more direct and realistic happiness and feelings.

Discount, food distribution, health medicine cabinet, home delivery clothes dry cleaning … This is a series of services provided by the Farm Group in China this year.

The Petros Group Headquarters also purchased Ankang Insurance and Accident Medical Insurance to rescue the home-bearing home, configure the filtering machine for filtering, and sent care for the employee family with candidates.

A small change around you, let the employees look in their eyes, warm in their hearts.

Caring for youth, starting from "Heart". On May 28, the Petros Group and the Beida Wilderness Group were awarded the Youth Friendship Association to help Single Youth Looking for "Heart."

"Tanabata", I also actively participate in the relevant networking activities of the Group Committee, from the departure of youth growth and life, helping youths build an equal, friendly, sincere platform. By strengthening contact with relevant enterprise institutions, the series of young networking activities will encourage young employees to conclude friendship while broadening communication and friends circle, harvesting love. "The company has a canteen. We have a little worries every day, and the enthusiasm of work is also growing.

Zhang Qiuping, a staff member of the China Agrove Group Qingdao Company, said that since the investment in Canaveset in March this year, the Agrota Qingdao Company has continuously upgraded from environmental health, hardware facilities, safety protection, cultural and atmosphere, and logistics management, and effectively meets employee needs. The Group’s entity companies have solidly promoted "doing practical", and the Dragon Food Group, the Reserve Food, Far East International and other enterprises to build a new employee cafeteria, solve employee dietary problems.

Capital Production Co., Ltd. purchased and issued a physical examination card for employees. During overtime, "add menu", warm stomach and warm heart.

Next, the agglomeration group will continue to find a gap between the lack of the table, implement the implementation of the party history and education, and then re-advancement, continue to carry out the leading cadres and research, "going flow", in-depth Check out outstanding problems, and focus on resolving the impact and restricting the development of the company’s development stability.

Combining the "I have implemented" I do practical things for the masses "and implement the" 14th Five-Year "opening of the key tasks, combined with the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, combined with the prevention and control of the overall epidemic, grasp the law, seize the opportunity , The situation is, in depth, in depth, we will promote the high – quality development of the agricultural investment group.

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Tongzhou 119 village water quality will be improved this year

Tongzhou 119 village water quality will be improved this year

Original title: Tongzhou 119 Village Water Quality This year, this year, since the spring and summer of this year, the amount of claims related to Water supply in Xu Xinzhuang area in Tongzhou District has risen, and many residents reflect the lack of water supply.

The water supply is a lot of people’s livelihood, in order to crack water, the multi-sectoral departments in Tongzhou District launched.

  Ms. Wang lives in the Candlelight Community of Songzhuang Town, belongs to the water supply range of Beijing Bingyuan Water Supply Co., Ltd. At the beginning of April this year, the 250-meter water source of 250 meters was damaged, causing insufficient water supply.

To this end, the Tongzhou District Water Affairs Bureau has opened up a green approval channel to start the water source renovation work. At present, the two-eyed water source well has been officially grunged from the water plant. The problem of insufficient water supply in the area is preliminary.

Ms. Wang for a few months in water is finally tone.

  Not only do the people use water, but also use it to safely. Songzhuang Town coordinates many departments to conduct existing water network pipeline maintenance, pipeline flushing, etc. According to reports, Tongzhou District has currently completed water supply project bidding work, 158 villages’ drinking water quality improvement project, construction, replacement water source well and well room transformation, water treatment equipment installation and other work is being implemented, The water quality improvement project of 119 villages can be completed before this year.

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Trusted "vegetable basket" Hengfeng Bank Hui Farm loan to solve small business people

Trusted "vegetable basket" Hengfeng Bank Hui Farm loan to solve small business people

The People’s Network Jinan June 28th, the summer is the season of vegetables. Successfully put fresh vegetables from the greenhouse "moving" major retail counters, plant, procurement, sales, and transportation, and financial support must be inevitable.

In Shandong Dezhou, the largest black horse farmer wholesale market, the vegetable wholesale Shang Luo received the order source, the 300,000 pound of garlic in the warehouse is waiting for the departure of each major business, this has Hengfeng Bank Texas Branch "Assist" of Huimin loan funds. More than a month ago, the garlic in the vegetable greenhouse is still in the growth period. Mr. Luo is expected to increase the price of garlic after the price of the mature listed, and decided to sign a purchase and sales contract with vegetable planting. Pre-order intentions have been reached, but order funding is insufficient to have the biggest problem for contract. From last year, Luo, who has derived with Hengfeng Bank Texas Branch, found branch staff.

To resolve funding problems for farmer’s merchants, it is one of the list of the list of "I do practical things" for the masses for the masses of Hengfeng Bank.

After the branch of the customer manager learned that Mr. Luo immediately went home to investigate, understanding customer needs, contact the provincial farm company, reviewing vegetable purchasing sales contracts, reporting to credit information, time is not 500,000 yuan loan funds, promptly guaranteed 300,000 pounds Garlic procurement contract landing. By guarantee, this business has saved a lot of money costs for customers. In the Black Horse Farmer wholesale market, there are still many merchants who enjoy Hengfeng Bank’s Hui Nong loan "affordable".

The black horse farmer wholesale market is one of the key projects of Dezhou City. From the initiative to visit the epidemic last year, the on-site service of the purchase and sales season, Hengfeng Bank Texas Branch always hung in the heart of the "vegetable basket" guarantee and farmer’s households , Earnestly help merchants to solve financing problems, many merchants have become old friends and "backbone" of Hengfeng Bank.

Up to now, Hengfeng Bank Texas Branch has led a total of more than 7 million yuan in 13 households in the market, and sufficient financial live water makes "vegetable baskets" and is more smooth and more robust.

In the future, Hengfeng Bank Texas Branch will continue to practice "I do practical things for the masses", focus on the "urgent expensive" problem, take out practical solutions, and increase financial support for all kinds of people’s livelihood projects, constantly Enhance financial services Quality, effectively do things, do practical things, use your heart to use your heart to avoid people’s worries. (Chen Ying Wong) (Editor: Zhengpu Li, Xing Manhua).

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Take the people’s visit to public opinion as the first step (the people’s point of view)

Take the people’s visit to public opinion as the first step (the people’s point of view)

  Give full play to the party’s close contact, insist on going to the masses, go to practice, listen to the people, to observe the people, can better focus on the problems reflected in the people, and the difficulty to develop urgently to face the masses. Heart, observe the people, visit the public opinion, and comprehensively understand the people thinking, can make the decision-making deployment concentrate on the people’s wisdom, reflect public opinion, better meet the people’s growing beautiful life needs to stay in the countryside, Jiangxi Xinyu explore "Party Building + Rural Endowment Service" model, demands in-depth farmers’ home to understand the people needed; Tibet Changdu launches "Five Focus, Wuqing" rural revitalization research activities, divided into three batches of thousands of people walking into the village; Guizhou Zunyi The public security organs have launched a large visit, and they have collected 2463 various issues … Since the study of party history, they have to observe the people, visit the public opinion, and understand their opinions, understand the demand for people’s livelihood, to better launch Huimin convenience initiatives Base. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the Party History Learning Education Mobilization Conference: "From the most difficult people start, from the most prominent problems, start from the most realistic benefits, effectively solve the difficult things of the grassroots, the people ‘s troubles." The History Education Leading Group issued the "Notice of" I "Practical Activity Work Program" for the Mass Office "Requirements:" It is necessary to take the people’s vocabarism as the first step of "I am doing practical" for the people. "

Carry out partial history education, solve the practical difficulties of grassroots and masses, and need to carefully conduct investigations.

Give full play to the party’s close contact, insist on the people to go, go to practice, listen to the people, to understand the people, visit the public opinion, know what to do, to do things, can better do things, do good things, In order to better focus on the problems reflected in the masses, it is difficult to develop urgently. Everyone who is polite is careful. It has always been an important policy, and we must go deep into the grassroots investigation, understand and master the first-hand material before the introduction of important policy policies and major decision-making deployments. In May 1930, Comrade Mao Zedong came to the three provinces of Fujie, and visited 47 stores and 94 hand-stored industrial stores. They worked with the masses, talking about communication, and identified the Red Army’s urban policy.

Our party’s glorious tradition is fully illustrated. Only with the masses to face, heart, observe the people, visit the public opinion, and comprehensively understand the people’s thinking, can make the decision-making deployment concentrate on the people’s wisdom, reflect public opinion, better meet the people’s growing beauty daily needs.

  To do practical things for the masses, understand the "hurry" of the masses, can’t leave the body, close to the people to visit the public. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Investigation and Research is the basis for the foundation," the way to have a "investigation and research is the basic work".

What is the masses reflect the common problem and the universality of the present? How to relieve the development plug-in, the people’s livelihood is difficult? How to solve the historical legacy problem in the field of people’s livelihood? In the masses, the opinions have experience in the masses, the focus of reform and development is also in the masses, and they need to be widely listened and seriously studied. The practical practice of the masses is the most abundant, most vivid practice, and the masses have huge wisdom and strength. The research puts forward and implements the key projects of "I am doing practical things for the masses". I can’t leave the party members and cadres to go deep into the grassroots people. Intraceed in-depth production line, in-depth unit, in-depth work service objects, worship people as a teacher, how many people can speak more Grassroots friends, sincere, wholeheartedly care about the masses, observe reality, and promote work. The people visited the people, adhere to the eyes down, step down, and the purpose is to achieve decision-making science, measures pragmatism.

At present, Jilin, Zhejiang, Anhui and other provinces run the provincial "Internet + Supervision" platform, respond to people’s livelihood concerns, improve the performance of the work; the Ministry of Transport will announce 12 transportation and more close to the people’s livelihood, and pass the People’s Network "leaders "Plate" to seek specific implementation opinions … In the future, it should also be long-term, improve the institutional mechanism to solve people’s livelihood, and concentrated on a batch of policies that are conducive to consolidating and expanding the poverty, comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, and launch a group of people. Huimin’s convenience tricks, implement a group of project projects that directly benefit people, solve a batch of contradiction disputes that harm the interests of the people, and do good things. There is a blessing with the masses, it is difficult to be salty, there is salty salt, no salt is full, through a piece of practical work to support the people, can let the party heart coad more close. Not long ago, a foreign politic said in an interview: "The Chinese Communist Party knows the needs of the people, while the eyes are long and have a planned awareness, and implemented through effective implementation.

"Transforming the people’s opinion into the party’s correct proposition, the government’s scientific decision, the initiative of the cadres can be printed with the people, the same is to work hard, unite and struggle, and strive to bring up the new journey to the new journey.

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Shanxi Pingyao: With the development of the media, learn from the party history

Shanxi Pingyao: With the development of the media, learn from the party history

Recently, 2021, the 21st Pingyao International Photography Age show, a group of photographic enthusiasts or stopped watching, or removing records, or remarkably watching, or remake a record in a group of photography works in the C2 exhibition hall. This year, the exhibition launched "also read this DPRK – Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China" (hereinafter referred to as "还 简 今") "Lushan County Archives Collection Photo Archives – Jiji" and other party The theme exhibition, showing the historical imprint of the party’s 100-year-old.

"This group of pictures is carefully selected from the Collection of Collection in the Collection of Collection. We hope that from the theme works, let the audience understand the red genes containing the red genes, and touch the historical context of the Communist Party of China." Curator, Zhang Jianting, Changshan Archives Pavilion, said.

82 precious photos detailed the majority of party members and cadres and the masses of labor, study, work, and life. It is the practice of Lushan party members and cadres to respond to the Party Central Committee "from the masses to the masses".

"Opening Ceremony" (Hou Bo), "Tiegou" (Wei Dezhong) (Wei Dezhong), "Wuhan Face – Aid Hidden" … A photo carries special memories In the "still watching this DPRK"

The revision is history, and it is power.

"It also reads the best" works of the DPRK ", Zhu Xiubi and Li Hong, are the famous photographers and photographers provided by Houbo, Xu Xiao Bing, Lu Houzhen and other famous photographers and photography agencies. The creation time is distributed in a hundred years of history, which records the advanced deeds that the Chinese Communist Party lead the people to break the old world, build a new era, record different stages of China’s face, people and things in different time periods.

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US Finance Minister urged the Congress to raise the government’s debt on December 15th.

US Finance Minister urged the Congress to raise the government’s debt on December 15th.

  Xinhua News Agency, Washington, November 16 (Reporter Help) US Finance Minister Yellen During the 16th, the US Congress urged the Federal Government’s debt ceiling to avoid government debt default risk.

  Yellen’s letter was written to the US Congress Democracy, the Republican Party Leader, said that the President Biden’s infrastructure investment bills have taken into force, and the US Treasury needs to allocate funds to the expressway trust funds before December 15th. 118 billion US dollars. Yellen said that she has "high confidence" on the payment of the funds, but after December 15, the Ministry of Finance is not enough to fulfill the possibility of government payment obligations. To ensure that the US government’s credit is not affected, the Congress needs to increase the debt ceiling or suspend its entry into force as soon as possible. The upper limit of debt is the highest amount of the US Congress set by the federal government to fulfill its debts, and touching this "red line", which means that the US Treasury borrowing is licensed. The US Congress passed an A bill in October, temporarily targeted the government debt of approximately $ 480 billion to ensure that the US Treasury can perform payment obligations to December 3. According to recent research in the US two-party policy research center, the federal government has touched on the end of October to the upper limit of debt, and therefore the US Treasury will take unconventional measures to avoid debt default.

The agency is expected that if the US Congress does not increase its debt ceiling or suspend its effectiveness through new legislation, the federal government may have debt defaults in mid-next December.

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The new way of exploring social governance is closely to the "Safety Line" of the Social Governance of Social Governance.

The new way of exploring social governance is closely to the "Safety Line" of the Social Governance of Social Governance.

  "One 10,000 lines, one of the following needs" is a true portrayal of grassroots governance. How to make the village (community) of thousands of heads in the grassroots social governance system, the layers are promoted, and the grassroots government has been explored in the process of regional social governance.

In recent years, the Fengxi District of Chaozhou City has been in the regional social governance as the entry point, close to the "safety line" of the people’s livelihood, and initially form the "Fengxi characteristics" social governance pattern that is shared together.

  In the Fengxi District pool lake village, some villagers self-tie door, turn the channel between the buildings into the ground, and the villagers are inconvenient, and they are also buried for fire safety.

After receiving the people, the pool lake village quickly deployed the rectification actions, first launched a comprehensive investigation in the region, and there were similar problems in 1052 lanes.

  Xie Jianheng, secretary of the party committee of Pihu Village, said that the "two committees" cadres took the lead in self-examination and convened the village’s old cadre meeting, and launched the old people who lived in the village to participate in mobilization, combined with the actual situation, through the "a letter to the villagers" And convening the village representatives, successfully striving for the villagers to consistently recognize the rectification action.

With the strong support of everyone, the rectification operation of the original half year was completed in advance, and more than 1,300 departments in violation of the iron gate were dismantled. Every development is for the masses, and all develops rely on the masses.

The successful experience of the rectification action in Pihu Village is both a result of a joint and common effort. It is also the vivid practice of the Maple Sanitary Ware I adhere to the party building leading the grassroots autonomous practice.

In recent years, Fengxi District has been a comprehensive strong base in the formation of the grassroots weakness.

This year, the area took the lead in completing the 32nd villages (communities) of the city in the city, and held a training course in the city and held 230 "two committees" cadres and village supervisors in the whole district. At the same time, all grassroots party organizations play a "head geese" and ignite the "red gene" to inspect the massive power of the masses to participate in social governance.

  The business is active in Fengxi District, and the flow of people, especially in the center of the city, many enterprises, and has a large comprehensive commerce center such as Fortune Center, Tumbe Lotus.

While the "factory circle" "business circle" is urgent, it has also improved the difficulty of management.

The district actively promotes social governance towards the party committee, group promotion, social collaboration, and public participation, and actively construct a safe system with distinctive maple characteristics, to promote good governance.

  For example, Fengxi District guidance is the opportunity to create a "Fengqiao Public Security Police Station" as an opportunity to create a deep-level police and civilian cooperation mechanism such as "Public Security Team".

According to statistics, there are currently 53 volunteers in Fengxi District, 132 joint defense team members, and construct a cooperative relationship with a good police and commercial circle. This year, Fengxi District took a criminal public security police in 909, a year-on-year declined, "two robbed a thief" police decline%; 159 criminal cases, investigate and punish 596 public security cases, the social security in the whole district is smooth and orderly.

  Community is the basic unit of social governance. In terms of community governance, Fengxi District gradually explored a new path to the community governance of party building joint construction, and building a group building. Through "party building +" effective integration of resources and strength, actively serve the masses, improve people’s livelihood, and build excitation Creative power. As the "Red Property" management model, Nanyuan Community has adopted the "Community Party Organization + Community Property Temporary Branch + Party Team + Resident Representative". Recently, Nanyuan Community also set up the "Community Party Committee" as an opportunity to attract many residents to actively participate in community grassroots governance.

  In order to further carry out the creation of the Ping An Community, Fengxi District also revolves around "five good" (organized agencies, stable maintenance, prevention, publicity and education, good foundation) and "five one" (once a full launch, once Tips, a round of business training, one classification increase, one summary acceptance), calling for the condensed multi-party cooperatives to carry out safety inspections in all residential communities in the whole district, fully activate "safe cells", pouring the solid foundation of co-construction and sharing.

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Ruisi is a moment in Liaoning: "May 1" how many "hot"?

Ruisi is a moment in Liaoning: "May 1" how many "hot"?

  With the effective management of domestic epidemics, the government departments continue to let go of travel restrictions, and people’s travel enthusiasm is constantly high.

So, how many "hot" is "hot" this year "May 1" holiday? According to relevant data, the "May 1st" small holiday nationwide in the past four years has a year-on-year increasing situation. It is expected that the "May 1" holiday high-speed congestion in 2021 will become the highest in the past years, which is expected to exceed 10% year-on-year. In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the popularity of vehicles, self-driving tour has also become the preferred way of many family travel.

According to relevant traffic big data forecast, this year "May 1" Golden Week, Liaoning Province Dalian Ying Song Chara, Shenyang Chess Mountain International Scenic Tourism Development Zone, Changbai Island Forest Park, Shenyang Forest Zoo and Duck Green River Broad Bridge become a popular self-driving self The tourist area.

  In addition, the arrival of the holiday also has to make many people’s consumption of Shenyang citizens to further look, Shencheng Dining, Leisure, Shopping, Entertainment, Tourism and other businesses are optimistic about the "May 1" consumer market, and make promotional programs in this wave of heat. Reserve sales talents and actively prepare for. Many lines of merchants launched a coupon, group purchase package and other preferential promotions, the preferential strength, giving consumers out of large choice space.

At the same time, some new types of activities such as 100 meters high-altitude sculpture in Shenyang also chose to open the door during the "May 1" period, and the market potential is also considerable.

  Although the holiday small partners can go out, the epidemic prevention and control remains can’t relax. Everyone should continue to persist often ventilate, hardworked, scientifically wear masks, and maintain a good hygiene habit of safe social distance in public places. Regardless of the vaccination, indoor or closed places in the crowd still need to scientifically wear masks and follow the specific requirements of various local prevention and control measures, safe travel.

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The 11th Congress of China Hongkou District opened

The 11th Congress of China Hongkou District opened

Guo Fang pointed out that the 11th Congress of Hongkou District, China, is a key moment, starting at the "14th Five-Year Plan" opening of Hongkou, and actively participating in the new journey of modern construction. After the conference, the conference will open up.

It is necessary to adhere to the guidance of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, comprehensively implement the decision-making deployment of the Central and Municipal Party Committee, unity lead the party organizations at all levels, and the masses of the party members and cadres will further emancipate their minds, reform and innovate, and forge ahead, and work hard.Create "Shanghai North Bund, Pujiang Golden Triangle", struggling to achieve high quality life of Hongkou High Quality Development.

In the morning, the district workers’ cultural palace vendar solemnly solemn, the President Terrace is hung in the central party emblem, and the 10-year-old red flag is arranged on both sides.

Guo Fang, Hu Guangjie, Shibao, Zhu Qi, Jun Baozhen, Zhu Qi, Wu Qi, Miao Guanghui, Jiang Yong, Zhou Hao, Zheng Hong seated in front of the chairman.

Comrade, the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, and the Ministry of Anneventory, etc., will be invited to attend the conference. Comrade Hu Guangjie is hosted.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, the meeting began, all of the whole sing "the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China".

Hu Guangjie announced the opening of the General Assembly and said that people who were attended and invited to participate in meetings warmly welcome. Comrade Guo Fang is reported in warm applause. The report from the "Work Review of the Work in the past five years" "The main task of the next five years" "The main task of the next five years" "Universal advancement has been intended to be strictly govern the party management party". When Guo Fang pointed out that the five years since the tenth party conference in the district, Guo Fang pointed out five years in the direction of the general secretary of Xi Jinping, is the image of the internal strength of the internal strength. Five years of heart pride enhancement. The District Party Committee is in-depth implementation of the General Secretary of the Top Secretary to invest in Shanghai and inspect the important speech of Hongkou. Under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee and municipal government, unite the people of the district, actively respond to risk challenges, and work hard to promote various careers, winning the tenth time. The party congress and the "13th Five-Year Plan" planned the target task, and the new leaps in the new starting point in the new starting point. The five years of the inheritance, the initial mission is more determined; the five years of continuous efforts, the urban status is more highlighted; the five-year hard work, the economic development is more powerful; five years of the forgiveness, reform and opening up more vitality; five years of gram It is difficult to attack the hard work, the urban construction is more quality; five years of power investment, the people’s lives are more beautiful; the five-year wind and rain are more close; the five years is strict, and the party’s construction is stronger.

Guo Fang pointed out that reviewing experience in the past five years, accumulating experience is precious: must adhere to the full bureau, grasp the opportunity; must adhere to the emancipation thoughts, seeking truth from facts; must adhere to the people’s first, people’s livelihood; must adhere to the party to manage the party, strictly governance party. Guo Fang expounded the guiding ideology and struggle of work in the next five years in the report.

Guo Fang pointed out that Shanghai is accelerating the construction of "central radiation, two wings, new city, north-south transformation" new city pattern, "World Hall living room, Shanghai North Bund, Pujiang Golden Triangle, Puxi New Landmark" The potential is unlimited and the future is available. It is necessary to further enhance the sense of sense of sense of sense of sense of sense of sense of sense of sense of sense of sense of urgency, and fight the opportunity to work hard, and strive to create a new performance, history and people’s inspection.

The guiding ideology in the next five years is that under the strong leadership of the party centron’s party in the heart of Xi Jinping, he horses the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adheres to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, "Three Represents" important thinking, The scientific development concept, Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics is guided by the socialist thinking, and in-depth implementation of various decision-making deputies in the central and municipal committees, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, serve the new development pattern, to promote high quality development, create high quality Life, achieving high-efficiency management as the main line, is leading the construction of the North Bund, focusing on building global asset management highlands with world influence and core competitiveness, international shipping service highlands, green low-carbon demonstration highlands, service trade development highlands, more Good intensive development and safety, deepen the comprehensiveness of the party to ensure the healthy development of the economy, social stability and harmony, and effectively meet the people ‘s yearning for the beautiful life, in order to create a new miracle in the new era of Shanghai, building a socialist modernization strong country make a positive contribution .

The struggle for work in the next five years is to complete the "14th Five-Year Plan" planning of the district, and go all out to promote the new round of development and construction of the North Beach. In the new city’s pattern, it is a scratched "Shanghai North Bund, Pujiang Golden Triangle" Let the "five people" beautiful vision becomes the vivid picture of Hongkou.

Strive to achieve high quality development to the forefront, high-quality life into the masses, high-efficiency can govern out the new road, the soft power of the urban area came from the highlight, and the party’s construction walked deeply.

Guo Fang pointed out that the future of Hongkou will accelerate the development of the northern outer beach to ensure the "three-year image, five-year function, ten years of basic construction", build Hongkou to become a charm city that highlights the city’s style, with more high gestures Standing on the banks of Pujiang, showing the new weather, new miracles of China’s economy in the new journey of the second hundred years of struggle. It is necessary to promote the high-quality development of the whole country, the United University, join hands, and link the headquarters leader, form an innovative ecology of shouldistry, Yi research, livable, Yiye, to create a more energetic innovation city, let the Hongkou everywhere A flourishing vitality. It is necessary to polish the "Cultural Three Land" brands, construct the "big thinking" pattern, and retain the city’s "fireworks" and "cultivation" and "literary fan", and create a unique and charming civilized city. Let the civilization infiltrate into each corner of the city and become the best soft power of Hongkou. It is necessary to adhere to the people’s city philosophy, as the people’s feelings as the most fundamental measuring ruler, to meet the needs of people, and leave the best resources to the people, build a harmonious and livable quality city, let "five everyone "Beautiful vision becomes a vivid picture of Hongkou.

To rely on "two nets" construction, promote economic, life, governance, comprehensively digital transformation, to embroidery Kung Fu, to create a fine-handed good governance city, to ensure that urban operation is more ordered, more efficient, more accurate service .

Guo Fang emphasized that we must learn from the party’s great course, with the party’s political construction as a leadership, to strengthen the party’s construction in the road, and provide strong political guarantees for Hongkou’s new journey. The steady political direction, let the ideals belief in the road; tempering the cadres, let the work in Hongkou will become a common style; build a base floor foundation, let battle fortress more strong and powerful; in-depth anti-corruption, let the wind become a bright bottom color.

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Strong party building promoted investment continuously improved the construction level of the distribution of Directors

Strong party building promoted investment continuously improved the construction level of the distribution of Directors

The Party Branch actively responded to the call of winning the universities, specializing in the team of poverty alleviation teams, with a high degree of responsibility, with a high-level responsibility, and put into financial precision poverty alleviation work.

Accumulated investment of 68.5 billion yuan for help work in poverty-stricken areas, supporting the construction of infrastructure construction in Liangshan, Nujiang, Qinghai Tibet, and has achieved remarkable results.

As of the end of last year, Sheng’an Danjiangkou City, Inner Mongolia, Guiba Township, Inner Mongolian Guiba Township, Inner Mongolian Asset Management Co., Ltd., and Yunnan Nujiangzhou Shuangmi Village. In December 2017, the party branch has established the first industrial poverty alleviation fund in the insurance industry – China Shou Danjiangkou Green Poverty Alleviation Industry Fund, with the company’s own funds, through marketization model, efficient operation, successfully investing in China Shou Danquan bottled water , Boew fish head processing, Oslong lubricant, check the right poverty alleviation industry project, signing and landing investment, 48.5 million yuan, forming "hematopoietic poverty alleviation".

In the specific help work, the party branch suddenly emphasized the "true blood generation" "increasing income" "strong public welfare" "copied". In the "true blood", pay attention to the concept of capital, professional knowledge and marketization development, and set up new enterprises, set up new enterprises, and investing in a total of 8 million yuan, initially has sustainable development. Ability; on "income income", the investment project directly brought more than 100 settlement, the poverty, an average of 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan per month, and more than 3,000 poor people have directly increased income due to investment income; On the "strong public welfare", the Poverty Alleviation Fund is agreed, and each of the products will be used to extract a penny for love and poverty alleviation. It has accumulated more than 260,000 yuan, funded the establishment of a poverty-stricken household and poor students about 4,000; On the "copyable", the party branch summarizes the experience, docking the industrial resources, expanding the help range, and successfully copying the Hubei Danjiangkou poverty alleviation to Yunnan Nujiangzhou, the Fouger Wangqi, Inner Mongolia, Fouz, Queen, and the right cities.

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